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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHikoxaki
SpeciesUnknown(is the shape of a human but is not truly what he seems)
Height6 feet
SummaryA lad spit of skittle rainbows. He shuns the use of Organization coats because he is very individualistic.. He has a ready smile and laugh and is calm and friendly unless provoked. Very loyal and caring, he reaches 6 feet in height with a lithe figure like that of a gymnast, boxer. and kickboxer not many people can land a hand on. He is very well toned and enduring. His passion is sparring and training though he always pushes himself too hard in the end. However he is not much of a fighter and his fighting mentor goes by the name of Xanderan. He has adopted a little girl named Chezia and protects her with every fiber of his being. He tends to be relaxed, but if you take his heat away and then infuse him with energy, he goes off the deep end and in a fight will not just disable you, but kill you. If you piss him off, he will boil your blood. However, pissing him off is close to impossible. {that is only a bit}

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale like the skin of man
Hair ColourLong white hair with reddish ends and reddish highlights
Eye ColourBlue in both eyes
ClothingA crossed belt, Converse All-stars. grunge shirt, grunge gloves when he is not wearing his knuckles, tight-ish pants.
AccessoriesA chain with a miniature version of his knuckles, A left ear ring for the hand he writes with. A choker with a guitar pick
Weaponry{ He uses knuckles as his weapons and they are usually spiked or studded and he has them set on fire} http://i829.photobucket.com/albums/zz216/Cjcooro/Gloves.jpg {I give credit to the artist Mirazix}{Add spikes on the knuckle areas and it is complete}
Special AbilitiesMastery over heat
Outstanding FeaturesWell he is outstanding in the fact that he tends to be a calm person even when chaos surrounds everything. He is an avid guitar player. You will often find him strumming with one hand while readin a book with another, while having one earphone in his ear. He is usually surrounded by books. He is a virgin.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is always cheerful and tends to have a smile and a laugh when he is not engrossed in books and musik or technology. He is calm and laid back and getting him angry is hard to do. He is protective of his loved ones and strives to make himself stronger.
BackgroundWhen he was about six years of age, he was a bit of a jerk until a young girl came into his life At the age of twelve, he and the girl started to date. He had just started his Gymnastics and Kickboxing and Boxing two years before at the age of ten. He was walking his girlfriend home when some men decided they wanted some "Fun". He tried to stop them, but he was not strong enough. She died in his arms. Since then, he has pushed himself to his limit everyday and then past that limit. He is inhuman in speed and strength. In fact he lost his "humanity" three years after the incident. Now he looks like a human, but is he truly? He does not even know. He has yet to find a special someone. At the age of fourteen he found his mentor. The fellow's name was Xanderan. He has trained for his whole life. Now he seeks to avenge his innocent love's death. He truly loved her.
LikesRain, pasta, steak, salad,turkey, technology, books, musik,training, his adopted daughter, his mentor, his wolf pup Betta, Coca-Cola, Cheerwine, old horror flix, Caesar dressing, Ranch dressing, Celery, jokes, Peanut butter, Cheese, Chocolate.
Dislikespeas, asparagus, coleslaw, killing, bleu cheese, mean old ladies, thieves, people who would hurt his Chezia or who Chezia dislikes.
LocationWherever he roams
Additional InfoI will think of it

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