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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBarrett Bear
SpeciesKodiak bear, but polymorphic so can change his form
Age18 years old - However he acts like a three year o
Height6,1 ft, but I do sometimes change
Weight16 Stone (Anthro size)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBeing a Kodiak bear at the moment I have a light brown, almost like oak fur, it is silky and well kept. The fur around my neck darkens ever so slightly as the blubber provides me with the neck you see on bears.
Hair ColourMy head fur is a slightly darker colour than that of my head, although the fur around my eyes is the same colour as that on my body.
Eye ColourMy eyes, they are a brown colour with flecks of darker brown embedded in it. The outish layer isnt pure white, more a dull but still light beige colour.
ClothingBeing a fur he wears minimal clothing, however he is modest and does wear a pair of plain blue shorts
AccessoriesHe has no accessories in deh basic bear form, however he might be found sporting a towel and sponge for some pawrubs/wash's that he sometimes hands out to those who ask for one.
WeaponryHe is a peacefull bear, and as such does not have the urge to kill or maim, thus does not carry any weapons. He may be known for fighting, this is simply because he like to playfight. Also, he finds it fun and a great exercise.
Outstanding FeaturesA grey ring on his right paw, middle fingerpaw.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI am a playfull bear, I love challanges and REALLY love making new friends. Err I like being affectionate mostly to other furs discust most of the time :(. I dont like female furs for what they look like or what they have to offer on the yiffy side of things, I like females and males on that case for what they choose to make of themselfs and how they choose to act in the current world.
BackgroundBarrett has no background, all information regarding this subject is Classified. All that is avaliable on this subject is that Barrett is a being that was created by the original form of Barrett, a pure energy life form.
LikesPaws, Friends, More paws and friends, Playfighting, Being affectionate, Macros. Oh and more paws and friends ^_^, Giving everything a try once. Oh and of course, being stomped and trod on - under paw :P
DislikesTrying to kill painfully (Should be swift and painless), Losing friends, Upsetting/Hurting buddys, Not giving something a try before you choose to dislike it
LocationUK, London
OccupationCollege, Loud-Mouth
Additional InfoThis is my vore-code "VC_N_S_A_B_SA_XY_18_F+_P_B+_MF_MF_V_S-_WP_T_N-_NX_A-NC-_L" simply put it into the vore, decoder located here "http://www.vorarephile.com/misc/"
I will add my Furry Code once the site is working again ^^ Also, please go here "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspergers"

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteOf all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ozzy Ozborne