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Vital Statistics!

Character NameOrolin
SpeciesRed Fox Morph
Age10 (230)
Weightabout 1 ounce?
SummaryOrolin is a two hundred and thirty year old fox morph, with the body of a ten year old. He is unable to die permanently die from anything, and is always looking for friends.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloura copper orange over most of his body, though hie chest and belly fur is white, as is the tip of his tail.
Hair ColourLong dirty blonde hair, reaching to his shoulders. Always kept clean and tidy.
Eye ColourA friendly and warm shade of hazel, if you can tell from a normal size.
ClothingA red shirt and blue jeans from a doll.
AccessoriesA toothpick he carries everywhere, and a tiny bag full of tiny cookies.
WeaponryA small dagger, not that it'd do him any good.
Special AbilitiesOrolin is a very powerful spellcaster, but cannot use his magic to harm others.

Personality & Background

LikesNice giants, talking with new people, making friends, being teased, chocolate.
Dislikesbeing stepped on, being eaten, mean giants