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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCherryfiller
SpeciesMy Little Pony
Height3 ft tall
WeightA pony never tells!
SummaryBefore you a cute little herm pony standing at just over three feet in height from hir shoulders. You notice the glistening pink fur covering this tiny pony as sie nickers happily. As Sie has hidden hooves, the ends of hie legs looks as if this pony's feet run down to the ground as flared ends. The pony has a very pretty face, a cherry red mane frame hir face and neck as hir baby blue eyes look you over curiously to see if you're friend or foe. Looking to the pony's right upper flank, you notice a picture of a bulging cherry being filled with a hose--very odd indeed! A pink bow ties hir long flowing cherry red tail at hir rump. Aw, how cute! Batting hir eyes at you, sie trots over to say hello.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourpink hair
Hair Colourcherry red mane & tail
Eye Colourblue
AccessoriesWhatever 'My Little' thing shi pulls out next
Special AbilitiesShi's a hyper!
Outstanding FeaturesCutie mark on hir thigh of a cherry being filled with a hose

Personality & Background

BackgroundShi's the original MLP herm! Go say hello!
LikesFriendly furs!
DislikesFurs who say hello by trying to mollest/yiff hir
LocationYour imagination
OccupationBeing cute

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