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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSnow
Species10 Tailed ~ Kitsune (Arctic Fox) / Snow Leopardess Hybrid
Age1023 years ( but her kitty side is young. )
Height3.14 feet ( highly variable. )
SummarySnow has a cute 'lil vixen body with white fur, but instead of the usual foxy markings, she has glowing pink and black snow leopardess spots, her markings even going down along each of her ten bushy foxy tails~~~~~

Personality & Background

BackgroundSnow used to be a nine tailed kitsune whom was obsessed with taking a tenth tail and greedily sought to take it from the fates by force rather then earn it~~ but she was captured, and as a punishment the cruel Fates thought her too dangerous to keep her the way she was, so they merged her with an adorable 'lil snow leopardess to teach her kindness, and to complete her punishment, they granted her a tenth tail, but inverted her magic so she herself could never use it, but anyone else can use her own magic on her to change her size and shape and appearance or anything else about her at will.