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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLyshen
SpeciesLop-eared Bunny
Height149 cm / 4 feet 10 inches
Weight64 kilos / 142 pounds
SummaryAn adorably-cute bunny face with green fur above the nose and a pale green, nearly white fur below and deep red eyes, wide and innocent-looking. Long thick fluffy lop ears reach all the way down to just above her butt in deep green, with the edges trimmed in pale green and the insides pink. Near the hair, the ear fluff inside is a bright silver. This is all framed by a truly massive floof of hair in dark blue, with silver bangs that fall down her front to her tummy, and a broad silver stripe down the back. The blue part of her hair falls to her butt, but the silver is braided in a truly thick braid from there down to her knees and is held there by a massive purple metal ring.
Slender, tight arms show off light but toned muscles and end in "gloves" of pale green fur, ending in dexterous hands with white claws. The same pale-green fur as on her face runs down the front half of her neck, widens to her shoulders, and runs down her front, bisecting her impressive breasts (30 H-cup) [band size 30 inches, measure around the breasts 62 inches], and highlighting her tummy, which is thick with toned muscle, flat, and tight. The pale fur continues down past her crotch to stop at her mid-thigh, leaving the inner thighs the pale green and the outsides deep turquoise-green. A very round, tight rump is partially concealed by a giant, oversize mobile cotton-fluff tail. Very heavy and thick thighs lead into equally thick, muscular calves and from there down to massive, oversize digitigrade bunny-paws, tipped with long, sharp white claws.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMedium turquoise green over most, pale green (near white) runs down the front half of her neck, widens to her shoulders, and runs down her front, bisecting her breasts, and highlighting her tummy, down past her crotch to stop at her mid-thigh.
Hair ColourDark blue to her butt with a pair of silver forelocks to her waist, and a wide silver stripe that goes to her knees, from butt to knees is braided, and ends in a thick metallic-purple ring.
Eye ColourDeep red, wide and innocent-looking.
ClothingLyshen's clothing tends to be minimalist at the best of times.
An elbow-sleeved half-shirt that just barely reaches the bottom of her breasts hugs her top like a second skin in an almost dazzling, rainbow-shimmery white, almost like metal fabric. A pair of shimmery rainbow white fingerless short gloves go up to mid-forearm, strapped in the back.
High-leg bikini bottom with a strap over the tail also in that rainbow-hued white, three belts (white with gold buckle and studding, light sky blue with silver buckle and fittings, and dark navy blue with gold buckle), and curve-hugging over-the-knee cuffed-down spat-boots in white.
Accessories7 simple ring earrings in her left ear, six in her right, all in bright silver. The tip of her right ear has a thick silver ring and dangle earring with a MASSIVE ruby at the end of the dangle, maybe 5 cm across.
Lyshen is never without her PDA, a touch-screen netbook which doubles as a mobile phone, too.
WeaponrySharp sharp claws on hands and feet, kept long, clean, polished, and nearly razor-edged.
Lyshen can kick like a hydraulic ram (can seriously injure or kill a normal unarmored human). Her kicks are powerful enough to deform three centimeter thick mild rolled sheet steel without significant effort, and at her hardest they can and have deeply deformed five centimeter thick mild rolled steel.
Lyshen elsewise does not carry any weapons, though she is familiar with the use of dual short staves / collapsible batons and the use of a bo / quarterstaff. While never having used it in combat, for a cosplay show once, Lyshen demonstrated that her bo skills can be applied to a double-bladed sword a la Darth Maul's double lightsaber.
Special AbilitiesHighly agile and acrobatic, generally fearless of most heights

Can jump 20 meters straight up or 50 meters across from a standing start, 30 meters up and 75 meters across with a running start.
Outstanding FeaturesShort megacute curvy bunnygirl? In green?

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly most times, outgoing, likes to hear about things, but has almost no tolerance for idiots and fools, either telling them off to their faces or outright muting them to be rid of the fool and their words.
She WILL however tolerate tomfoolery when it comes to just hugging and snuggling.
LikesPhysical contact like hugging and snuggling, intelligence, good humor, wit, people who think before they speak, people who understand that a debate is a debate not an argument and should be backed by provable facts, people who don't feel the need to shove religion in her face.
DislikesPushy people, rudeness, idiots, idiotic humor, ignorance, and people who "just don't get it", people who feel they need to push their religion (whatever it might be) upon others, those who judge others by their religions, people who think only with their gonads.
LocationAnywhere she may roam