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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBridgette
Height12' at the shoulder, 15' total.
Weighta lot? She's a Dinosaur!
SummaryBridgette is what you might call a 'curvy' lady, but she's not exactly the type one might expect. She's a big on the heavy side, nothing massive, but she is visibly pudgy, as perhaps the design of her ancient towering ancestors might have been. She stands at a fairly amazonian Fifteen (15) Feet tall, most of that from her body, though her shoulders only reach twelve feet, being a Brachiosaurus, she has roughly three extra feet in height, coming from her head and neck alone! Her figure is slightly reminiscent to that of a pair, if a pear had a fairly ample bosom near it's top. While her shoulders would be of average width to someone like her, her torso is a bit longer than average, her hips and thighs being fairly bigger than average as well, from her 'pudgyness' as well as her body's build, definately giving her that pear shape.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack, with a blue underbelly as well as blue starting under her chin, and going down her neck, torso and to her groin region.
Hair ColourNo hair.
Eye ColourA sort of Deep green.
ClothingShe wears a white 'loose sleeved' belly shirt, the sleeves reaching just about where her fingers start on her hand. She also wears a pair of, somewhat tight bluejeans over her fairly ample legs. No footwear.
AccessoriesShe has sort of 'tribal' neck rings starting at her shoulders and going up roughly three or four rings from there, sort of like the rings used to 'lengthen' ones neck, just she doesn't need hers any longer! she just likes how they look. So she doesn't need that many at all.
WeaponryMaybe her size and tail, if anything at all. She's not a fighter.
Special AbilitiesAs do most in the 'Bigfurs' world, she has the ability to grow and shrink at will.
Outstanding FeaturesOther than perhaps her very pear shape, one outstanding feature could be that she doesn't have any fingernails or toenails. On that note, she also has more of 'human' feet, not the stump Brachios normally have, on which she has four large rounded toes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBridgette is what you would call 'Motherly'. Or perhaps overly so. She's quite snuggly, enjoying keeping others close and warm. She can also be a little over protective of those she cares about quite a good deal.
LikesSnuggling, hanging out, meeting people, Growth, Macros, Video games, almost all types of music, cooking [she really likes cooking].
DislikesHard to say, she'll let you know if she dislikes something.
LocationWhere ever she feels like.