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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSabella
WeightAll weight measurers broke >:(

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure, shimmering white.
Hair ColourViolet
Eye ColourViolet
ClothingShe tends to wear long flowing purple dresses to match her hair and eyes. Also wears jeans and generally a purple top as purple is by far her favourite colour.
AccessoriesShe has 6 magical bangles (4 on right wrist, 2 on left), each one a different colour and also looking rather ordinary. But when she wants she can pull them off they turn into bright glowsticks which she can then wave around and use thier various powers on people. Note: Only SHE can remove the bangles to turn them into magical glowsticks. Anyone else who removes the they will just be ordinary bangles which if they break just re-appear on her arm. Bangle Colours and Uses: Orange: Used to increase size. Purple: Used to increase size of whichever body part she touches or wills to grow. Blue: Random Species change. Green: Random personality changer. Red: Muscle Growth. Yellow: Fur/Scale/Skin Colour Change.
Special AbilitiesNone, has magical bangle/glowsticks instead.
Outstanding FeaturesThe Glowsicks and as every other female seems to have, rather large boobies <.<

Personality & Background

PersonalityKind, caring, compassionate and thoughtful. This young lady is one of those macro's that genuinely care about the well being of the micro's she surrounds herself with. She enjoys their company and is very fond of them, she will protect the micro's till death if anyone would dare to harm them around her. That said she is not child like, and can still be driven to anger by people though she will not hurt them unless there is absolutely no other option.
LikesLooking after micro's, petting, cuddling and such forth. She also likes bigger macro's who are kind like herself.
DislikesHarmful, cruel and mean macro's. Misunderstanding militaries. Those tinies who would hurl abuse at her simply due to what other macro's have done.
OccupationWorks for the micro Emergency Rescue division.