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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSilvia
Ageshe won't tell
Height4 feet 9 inches
Weight90 pounds
Summarya small pantheress who seems to have an attitude at times but can be very nice when she gets to know you.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmidnight blue, almost black
Hair Coloursame as fur
Eye Colourgreen
Clothinga belt used to hold potions and she will wear a t shirt and a pair of shorts if there are minors around.
Weaponrya vast array of potions that do many things (as well as teeth and claws)
Special Abilitiesnone really
Outstanding Featuresshe is a small anthro pantheress who odly tastes like a slow cooked marinated ham ( a un fortunate permanent side effect of a potion from when she was young)

Personality & Background

Personalityshy at times, moody too. but once she knows you well enough and if she likes you she will be quite sweet.
LikesAV,UB,CV,TV (tail vore), soft vore, yiff, anal yiff, oral yiff, and many other things.
Dislikespain, death, digestion, gore, ect.
Occupationaclamist/scientist of sorts
Additional Infokitty's got claws XD