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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDiego Wolffox
SpeciesThree fursonas! Fox is the main character
Weight12 half stone

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange fur with white chest and stomach, very bushy tail with a white tip at the end.
Hair ColourBlack long hair.
Eye ColourBeautiful orange eyes.
ClothingBlue jeans, trainers, black metal band t.shirt.
Special AbilitiesNone.
Outstanding FeaturesVery sexy looking.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery happy when around others and while doing something, Can get easily aggitated sometimes but very keen willing to do things kind of guy and sporty.
BackgroundStarted off in the fandom in 1999 at only aged 14. Those where the times that he was a bit of a bully at school and causing trouble.
LikesFursuiting, fursuits, murrsuits, music, playing guitar. going to fur cons and furmeets.
DislikesSpiders, Trolls, Rain and the cold, watersports, skat, bad smells, tomato sauce, vinegar, blood, handling uncooked meat, rude people, violence, war, being wet, scientology, religion.
LocationBognor Regis, West Sussex, UK
OccupationPart-Time Powerful trainer working with people with learning and physical disabilities and providing training to other organisations.
Additional InfoMusician, fursuiter that owns Four fursuits. Been fursuiting since 2002.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFursuiting is my business... And business is good!!!

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