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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJJ Enderfield Nirvana
SpeciesBunny/desert foxtaur
Height18 inches
Weight2 ounces

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourpink
Hair Colourpink
Eye Colourblue
Accessoriesstone anklets to keep her weighed down enough to walk about normally, even on a windy day.
Special AbilitiesLiquid transformation, JJ can melt into a puddle of liquid rubber and reshape herself into any shape she wants. She can also transform other furs into rubber in this manner.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is Made of a highly dense, highly elastic pink rubber, has a valve at the back of her mouth, one on each belly one under her tail and one in -ahem- a more private place. She also only has three legs, even though the can shift and form another leg, any time she relaxes her control over her body she snaps back to the shape she was when she was first transformed into rubber.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRash, hotheaded, all about the cutsies, and very random at times. JJ loves to god-mode any rp she is in, not cause she likes to win all the time, but because she is hoping that someone else will god-mode as well and they can escalate things to a ridiculous level of hilarity.
BackgroundJJ was a normal living organism when she was younger, not missing any limbs, and not rubber either. She was patrolling the edge of her tribes territory when she got caught in a metal trap of some strange make that cut deeply into her left foreleg. Try as she might for three days she could not escape from it. Until late afternoon of the third day a tall, pale, furrless creature like the hyoomans she had only heard about in stories came and set her out of the trap. She thought the creature was there to help her, but it put her in a dark crate and set it inside of a big flying machine, she soon blacked out from shock and dehydration. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a white room, with more of the creatures staring at her, poking at her with things she did not understand. she tried to stand but found that the leg that was caught in the trap had been severed, she blacked out again. Next time she regained conscientiousness, JJ was all pink and made of a strange substance, she felt very odd and very light. Over time she learned of the humans and what they had done to her in the name of science, she learned how to control her new body, and she escaped. JJ has been living on the humans strange world ever since, constantly on the run.
LikesAnything cute, transforming, reading, and playing with other furs
Dislikesnot much really, only jerks
LocationSomewhere on an exile planet known as New Texas, where humans send anything they fear or that is different than them.
OccupationJJ currently works as a delivery girl.