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not the best picture, but it'll do..

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKon Jones
SpeciesCanine - Fox
Height6' 1"
Weight59 Kilograms
SummaryKon, leaning on what looks like a wall overlooking a dark, moonlight valley, dressed in noting but a thin "christmas-y" outfit made specifically for females. you can't see it in this picture, but he's also wearing tights and panties (if you haven't guessed yet, he's a crossdresser. :V )

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourthe usual fox dark orange, what else? ^^
Hair Colournow this is where it can get tricky. he often dyes it different colors, but it's normally: light brown with a bright purple fringe, with pink to tip it off.
Eye Colourhis left eye is deep blue, whereas his right eye is slightly more green due to being half blind. (ohnoes! D:)
Clothinghe prefers female's clothing, ranging from pink tees to miniskirts, but he often has to wear more masculine clothes around his family and the public.
Accessoriesnone, exept for a purple and black collar, with a heart tag on it bearing "Property of Nelson Jenkins, Carlsbad, CA"
Special Abilitiesnone
Outstanding Featurespatches and spots from that of a snow leopard going down his back, getting darker as they go down, more rounded, feline ears, with white spots on them. only cause

Personality & Background

Personality(how to sum this up quickly..? uh..) he is generally very nice and caring, but is usually quiet around others.
Backgroundcomes from Wrexham, North Wales, UK (iiif.. that is what "background" means..?)
Likesgirly lads, crossdressing, pink, fishnets (any kind of clothing with fishnets, that is. ;3 ), COLACOLACOLACOLA (sorry, couldn't resist.. ^^; ) , dildos (even IF he's underage!)
Dislikeshis family (yup.) , homophobes, girls (wat), spiders (EEEK!), rapage
Locationliving in VIDA LOCA- no wait, North Wales, UK
Occupation too young~!

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