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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIsica Shadow Spirit (pronounced ice is ka)
SpeciesIberian Lynx Demon
Age29 (human years)
SummaryIsica (Ice-is-ka)Spirit Shadow is an endangered species of lynx called the Iberian lynx. He is a male of 28 human years, standing at 6ft 6in and weighing in at a low 180lbs. He is solid black except for a white chest and belly. Isica's hair is dark black and spikey, slightly unkempt. He has piercing crimson eyes with a heartagram pupil and large fangs that sometimes protrude from his mouth. His usual garb consists of a shirt with skulls or a heartagram and long jean shorts and a duster style coat. He has several piercings, the visible ones being three on each ear. Isica's personallity is usually happy-go-lucky. But if he is angerd, he will not hesitate to attack. He was abandoned as a kitten but managed to make a living. Finally, he hit it big and is now living the good life. His dislikes would be whiners, cowards, liars, slow drivers, and those who harm the ones he loves. He doesn't live in one particular area, for he has houses in 4 different states. Isica's form of work would be as a business owner. If anyone ever wishes to know anything about him, he doesn't have a problem with them openly asking him. His favorite quote of all time would be "A coward dies many deaths but a brave man tastes of death but once." isica is a demon from hell, he has black tattered boney wings that protrude from his back, he is a manufactured demon, the bodies of 10,000 demons used to create his own, the souls of 10,000 humans to give him life. he is extremely loyal to the few he allows into his life and even more dedicated to going after those who harm the ones he loves. his long claws can carve anything from flesh to steel, he is also armed with a long sword forged of his own blood and will, twin katana that can cut through anything, a fear gun, and a crystal dagger which will give him the power and skill of whomever it cute, all of the above wings, fangs... are retractable and unnoticable until he wants them to be known. Isica was created by being forged in the darkest fires of hell, after being created he drank the blood of 100 demons then consumed the souls of 100 virgins. he suffered many many indecencies from satan before finally having the jist of his powers sealed, the seals on his eyes if removed will give him his full potential and he searches neverending to find someone who is able to do this for him. even if his entire body is destroyed isica cannot be killed for 3 other people hold pieces of him so unless his body is completely obliterated until all 3 people who are guarding his soul, heart, and conscious are found defeated and his parts destroyed he cannot die.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourall black except a white chest and tummy
Hair Colourblack
Eye Colourcrimson
Clothingskulls or heartagram shirt and long baggy jeans/shorts
Accessoriesmany tats and piercings, vampire fangs
Weaponryweapons list is here http://pastebin.com/G7qE4Sgn
Special Abilitiesdemon magic, immortal, instantly heals
Outstanding Featuresheartagram pupils, many weapons, crymson eyes, wings

Personality & Background

Personalityusually happy go lucky but if im pissed off ill murder u and enjoy it
Backgroundabandoned as a kitten i managed to scrape a living until i finally hit it big now i live the easy life
Likespretty much anything
Dislikeswhiners, cowards, chickenshits, liars, 2 faced people, people with too many fursonas, slow drivers, and anyone that harms those i love
Locationdepends, i have houses in 4 states
Occupationbusiness owner
Additional Infoask me

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"a coward dies many deaths but a brave man tastes of death but once"

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