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Vital Statistics!

Character NameClarinda
Height8 feet
WeightTry it
SummaryClarinda is a spirit who happens to be in the form of a rabbit. She is very in tune with nature, especially so with fire of all things. her hair and tail are pure fire.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with swirls all over in the shape of flames. These markings are colored according to her mood. Blue when she is happy/content, red yellow or white when she is angry, purple when she is feeling love and green when she is jealous of something.
Hair ColourHer hair and tail are made of fire but if anyone she tolerates or likes were to touch them they would feel like real silky smooth hair. despite the fact her tail and hair are made of fire, they still act like real hair and fall down instead of up. Her firey hair reaches the small of her back with and is constantly moving like fire, curling and flickering all over. Clarindas tail and hair are colored in the same manner as the markings on her body mentioned above.
Eye ColourSame style mentioned above.
ClothingHer body is usually rather hot and Clarinda has gotten tired of replacing clothes so she forged her own set of clothes from a special alloy made specifically for malleability and resistance to heat. She has a bra with chain links holding it on her body, the parts on her breasts are triangular shaped, basically the shape of a bikini's. she has a pair of metallic panties with a small fire emblam emblazened into its surface. ontop of that she has a chain mail skirt that looks like she has a towel wrapped around her waist. the chain links on her panties, skirt and bra are all so small and fine that they cause no chafing and look almost like rope.
AccessoriesPiercings in her bellybutton, right ear, left nostril, nipples, and tongue. She also has size adjustable manacles and chains to hook her 'victims' to any of her said piercings. The piercing in her bellybutton has a jewel in it that also changes color according to her mood.
WeaponryAbility to breath fire.
Special AbilitiesShe can control and breath fire. However fire is the basis for her size whatever it is. She can breath fire out at the cost of some of her size. Inversely she can absorb and inhale fire to grow larger. Setting fire to a city and inhaling it is a good source of her larger sizes >.> She is also able to use fire to slightly modify her body, allowing her to change from female to male to herm or even sexless. Using this same ability she changed her paws from a bunny's to a more feline like paw with retractable claws that, guess what, are colored like her hair. She also has claws on her fingers colored the same way. Clarinda also sharpened her teeth with this ability and gained feline canine teeth.
Outstanding FeaturesThe hair and tail, the markings on her fur, the piercings. Clarinda's teeth are almost demonlike when she smiles in the right way. Her ears droop down either inside of her hair or resting ontop of it, she doesn't fidget much with them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityClarinda is beautiful and she knows it. She is not afraid to flaunt it and has a rather sultry personality. Clarinda can becomes serious when she needs to but is more often than not carefree. Due to her connection with nature she views massive creations that change the land such as large cities an abomination and while she cares for indivual beings she is not afraid to destroy either for fun or vengeance.
LocationIn a fire.
OccupationBeing pretty.