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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaterina
SpeciesSibeiran Lynx Red Panda Raccoon Kangaroo Hybrid
Height2 feet
SummaryKate is a bubbly little hybrid who is always eager to make friends and have fun but her past experiences make her suspicious of new people until she comes to know them more.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourKate's stomach and breasts are white. Her arms and legs are a bold scarlet colored. Her tail is striped like a raccoons, switching from scarlet to marroon. The tail is also twice her own body length. And she has a scarlet colored head except for the face mask from her raccoon heritage that is marroon colored.
Hair ColourMaroon and just past shoulder length
Eye ColourSilver eyeballs, no pupil.
ClothingRag tag shirt and shorts, holes tears and poorly made patches are everywhere and they havent been washed in seemingly forever. (reason as to why in background)
WeaponryA looted german Kar98k and a russian submachine gun. She also has a bayonet on the rifle.
Special AbilitiesNone
Outstanding FeaturesNot much beyond the extra long tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHappy, eager to make friends but always scared of new people.
BackgroundIn an alternate universe the US managed to keep their isolationist politics and never entered WW2 other than to completely crush and demolish Japan. They never offered any help to the eastern theatre beyond selling weapons and profiting from the war, much of the world sees them as villains profiteering. Luckily england and russia have managed to drag germany to a standstill and while there still is fighting, no one is gaining or losing ground. Kate was forced into russias red army. she stood a proud 6 feet then but women were not treated as equals and she was treated horribly. over time her self esteem eroded to the point where she started to slowly shrink. eventually she deserted at the height of 2 feet. She came across a battle field and stumbled on a russian wardog who was dying. Pitying the creature she nursed him back to health despite the dog being larger than her at three feet at his shoulders she managed to bring him back to health. He is forever loyal to her now and she named him Rocko. The russian samoyed now follows her everywhere and acts as a guardian, mount, and friend to help her survive in the siberian harshness.
LikesGentleness, being cuddled and being with friends!