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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEsdras
SpeciesRaichu Morph
Height154 feet
SummaryEsdras is from an alternate, darker Pokemon world. She is a shadow priest who commands electricity that is as dark as her home.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNormal Raichu colors. Orange-Yellow fur everywhere except certain regions, those regions are: Wrists, hands and paws are brown, The stripes on her back are also brown but instead of stripes, they are jagged shaped and resembling lightning bolts. The front of her body is white. Her paw and finger pads are red and her tail starts orange yellow at the base and gradually turns to brown until it hits the spade on the end of her tail which is yellow. the generators (circles) on her cheeks are also yellow. Her tail spade and cheek generators are constantly crackling with electricity that is black
Hair Colour Her hair reaches just past her shoulders and is black.
Eye ColourRed pupils and black everywhere else. Esdras also wears a large amount of ceremonial mascara around her eyes.
ClothingFormally: Black robes with a hood that has holes for her ears. underneath the hood she is wearing silk clothes, similar to that of a monks Informal: Black t-shirt with some obscenity on it, spiked collar, spiked bracelet, jeans with chains and massive black, steel toed boots that add another couple inches (relative to her) to her height.
AccessoriesPiercings are abundant, two in her left ear, three in her right, she has some jewelry just as the base of her tail spade. her paws also have two toe rings on each.
Weaponrysize and electricty, more explained in special abilities
Special AbilitiesControl electrcity. As soon as electricity is handled by her, it turns from bright to dark, becoming black and giving off a strange light. Esdras is able to use this electricity to grow or shrink, she is also able to make very solid objects out of electricity. The priestess does have one curse however, she is prone to sneezing and whenever she sneezes she switches between her anthro form and her feral form. in her feral form she gains the attacks of her species but loses the ability to make solid objects out of electricity.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShes rather dark in nature, not caring at all for anyone elses being and quite prone to crushing her foes under her paws.
BackgroundThe alternate Pokemon world that Esdras comes from is in a state of constant turmoil. The planet is orbited by a pair of suns, one that appears to be permanently eclipsed and the other on the other side of the planet. the planet rotates at the exact same rate the suns orbit it, meaning half the planet is perpetually in a dark realm while the other half is in a sunny day all the time. The Pokemon on both sides of the planet are massive like she is and they have evolved differently from eachother, those who live in the dark have become more monstrous , with darker fur and more keen senses. those who like in the light are more light colored and each side views the other as abominations and they are constantly at war with eachother.
LikesBattery snacks, having her way
Dislikesnot getting her way