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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSkital
SpeciesVanikyr (4-armed feline-skunk-like alien)
Height165 cm (5ft 5in)
Weight73 kg (160 pounds)
SummaryA four-armed very digitigrade skunk-feline mix, Skital stands 165 cm tall. A lithe, athletic body with tight, slender and well-defined musculature highlights a form almost that of a runner or a martial artist. Long white hair flows down from her head, braided in a thick, massive braid that reaches down to her tailbase then loops back up to the nape of her neck and is pinned there, framed by a shaggy massive floof that falls halfway down her back and flops forward in a shaggy mass in front of her face. Her face is a pleasant mix of feline and skunk, with her muzzle a bit broader than a skunk but the pointed aspect, fur color and markings of a striped skunk, ending in a pink nose. Blue eyes with slit pupils like a cat and black sclera sit in her youthful face, the blue actually slightly luminous and glowing. Below this, her body sports a pair of F-cup breasts, made all the more immense-looking by the fact that the rest of her body is slender yet well-muscled. Wide hips lead back into a big, round, very well muscled butt and thickly-muscled back, a massive flowing skunk tail being carried upright behind her. Below, her digitigrade legs are well-defined enough to make it obvious that she sports solid musculature, while not having the bulk of a gymnast or a bodybuilder.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and white in the classic pattern of the North American striped skunk
Hair ColourWhite, shaggy in front, and held in a truly MASSIVE braid in back
Eye ColourLuminescent glowing crystal blue, slit pupils like a cat, and black where the whites would be.
ClothingSkital has two major outfits, one for combat and the other for relaxing.
Armor: Skital's armor consists of a torso armor made of overlapping plates of some chitin-like material, possibly organic in nature. The chitin has a dark forest green color and is mottled in browns, tans, and lighter greens, making it close to jungle-style camouflage. The breastplate has flexible, sliding plates over her stomach, and hanging segments protecting her hips and the sides of her thighs. The thighs are armored with a single plate in the front, ribbed and segmented, and the long second-shin sections have a layered serrated-looking plate acting as greaves. A similar type is worn on the forearms, with a plate with spikes over the back of the hand and on the top of the foot. The boots and greaves leave her long foot-claws exposed. Shoulder pads with serrations and short spikes to them are strapped to both her upper-arm shoulders.

Clothing: Skital wears a set of light brown soft knee-high leather boots with open toes. Above, a simple deep blue-green off-the-side silk skirt covers her front and butt, with a thong-like bottom worn underneath to cover her nethers. Above, a short half-top is worn in a deep blue shading through green into yellow and made of fine silk, held up only on one shoulder. Her forearms are wrapped in deep green silk wraps as well.
AccessoriesSkital wears a simple dataslate projector, the small device projecting both keyboard and screen from its' wristwatch-sized unit.
WeaponryFour curving scimitar-like energized blades are carried across her back in a set of scabbards, leaving them in a "X" formation, two blades having their hilts pointed down, two up. A full charge will set the swords to glowing a pinkish tone, and will do damage more akin to being hit by a blade five times the size of the one wielded, and by someone five times as strong as Skital's already out-of-proportion strength. In addition, the blades' ability to cut materials normally impossible to cut by a bladed weapon increases as more energy is poured in. At maximum, an aura blade's cutting ability rivals that of a Star Wars lightsaber.

At her hips are a set of four holsters, two on each side, carrying a brace of energy-packet pistols. Fast-firing pistols which draw their charge off of a regenerating battery, they can be also "boost-charged" to do additional explosive-like damage. Small and compact, these weapons are Skital's weapon of choice. When fired, they DO have recoil and release a very distinctive *SNAP-humm* as the packet is formed and whizzes off towards the target, a glowing blue-white ball of energy. On impact, the packet penetrates like a bullet then explodes, causing massive wounds. Uncharged, they deliver damage equal to a 30.06 hunting rifle and recoil like a 9mm pistol. At full power, they can knock down an elephant in two well-placed shots, doing damage equivalent to a .600 Nitro Magnum elephant-gun round with recoil equal to one-handed firing a 30.06 short-barrel. The pistols have a range of 150m for effective combat, but can target and hit things effectively out to 500m, though this requires patience. The energy packets are unaffected by gravity, wind or weather conditions, but their travel is slower than many bullets, and they are far far more visible.
Special AbilitiesSkital (and indeed all Vanikyr) possess some abilities unique to their kind:

Claws - On her slightly oversize feet and hands are retractable claws. These claws are naturally nearly razor sharp, and seem to always keep themselves that way. They are also strong enough and long enough to aid her in climbing trees.

Acidic Spray - Skital also possesses scent glands like those of a skunk. However, in Skital's case, these glands squirt not a normal musk but a highly-acidic powerfully-scented musk that can eat away soft flesh, bone, wood, almost all plastics and some most metals, and can deeply etch, score and corrode harder ones, in addition to the nauseating, reeking effects of a skunk's spray scaled up in volume and potency to match a more than five foot tall skunkette.

Hyperagile, able to perform insane-seeming, impossible acts of gymnastic and acrobatic flexibility and dexterity, including flips and twists others would consider impossible.

Parahuman strength - Skital is strong enough despite her light build to lift almost two thousand kilograms over her head. This strength manifests itself also in her ability to leap impossible distances, averaging 50 meters forward or twenty meters up from a standing start. Despite their strength, Vanikyr are not by any means invulnerable.

A form of short-range (100m) telepathy which bypasses the need for the receiver to understand Skital's language.

Vanikyr can also teleport anywhere in a 300m radius provided that the area had previously been seen or could be imaged or seen at that moment. Imaging includes being viewed through cameras and other surveillance systems.

Skital also possesses a rare ability in her kind - the ability to track someone with near-perfect precision through any weather or environmental conditions, detecting not only the normal clues that allow for tracking (scent, tracks, etc.) but also the unique psychic traces of a being's passing. This allows her to positively identify an individual by their psychic "scent". Her tracking is so powerful she has more than once followed someone across continents. Note: travel in an aircraft does NOT blunt this ability.
Outstanding FeaturesFour arms?

Personality & Background

PersonalityMeet her and see!
BackgroundSkital is a former sensor operator and long-range scout and explorer for the Twelve Races, an alien alliance of worlds held together under a mix of age, economic interdependence, and the force of their now-dead ancient alien ruler Lucen. With their economies in shambles after a war against the human-led Centrist Alliance brought about by Lucen and his mad schemes and social experiments, the Twelve Races sued for peace, one by one becoming allied states to the Alliance. Skital, her sister Strani, and her friend and former commanding officer Nekova left the twelve Races space looking for employment as freelance explorers and scouts.
LikesSkital likes to learn, explore and meet new people.
DislikesRape, Murder, Slavery
OccupationExplorer and scout, has served as an intelligence operative (sensor operator and analyst), holds rank equivalent to an Army Captain.
Additional InfoPlease note Skital's player is NOT a real-life wilderness scout, hunter, intelligence operative, military personnel, and/or survivalist. In addition to this, her personality does NOT 100% match with Skital's.