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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHarmony
SpeciesEspeon Morph
Height5 foot 4
Weight124 pounds
SummaryA very sweet and playful Espeon girl. She has a nice petite body but she has a full chest for her size at 34DD. She enjoys using her psychic abilities to play with different objects, including tiny people. She loves wearing open toed shows in order to let her footpaws be free, they are her favorite aspect besides her psychic ability.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has a nice purple-pink fur that feels like silk.
Hair ColourHas bright, ruby red hair that goes down to her mid back, her bangs go slightly past her eyes.
Eye ColourThere is no white in her eyes, only the dark, ocean blue color of her full irises and the black of her pupils.
ClothingShe enjoys wearing black short shorts, a black and blue skirt, white tank top, and red or black flip flops. She also enjoys wearing open toed high heels.
AccessoriesShe has a gold ear ring in her right ear. Four toe rings on each footpaw (On all four toes). She has a ruby necklace that was given to her by her older brother Moonlight along with the golden anklet he also gave her.
WeaponryHer psychic abilities and attacks
Special AbilitiesShe is able to grow with her psychic abilities and she knows Psychic, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, and ironically, calm mind. She is slowly learning how to shrink others using the same way she grows.
Outstanding FeaturesHer cute charms, her elegant footpaws, her dark, blue eyes and her nice curvy, petite body.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet, playful, and a little mischievous. She is a little ignorant and isn't to bright.
BackgroundHarmony has always been a sweet and playful girl. As an Eevee she would spend her time playing around the yard, but also always staying near her big brother Moonlight. Compared to her other siblings, she preferred Moonlight over them. Where ever he was, she was sure to be next to him, huddling against his leg. As she grew up she'd go to him for advice, and even sleep in his bed when she was scared after a nightmare. When she became an Espeon in her later years she still stayed close to him, he was your idol and she loved playing with him. The day Moonlight left home Harmony was only 14 years old. It broke her heart when he left and she cried for days. The years went on and she'd always have the phone near her as she waited for him to call or anything. One day when watching TV she spotted news on a giant umbreon. She smiled in glee, knowing it was him, she was 18 years old now and she knew she had to go find him now.
LikesSweet's, fruits, playing and her footpaws.
DislikesPeople who are rude to her.
LocationLooking for her brother
Additional InfoCan become overly playful