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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAкєℓα Lycαη Oмιкαмι
SpeciesTнє Aηтняσ Dємσηιαc Wєѕтєяη Dяαgση
Age+ / - 9800
Height 37m (Normal) and 2,30 cm (Burst Mode)
Weight400t (Normal) 100 kg (Burst Mode)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and White
Hair ColourNone, but he has white horns
Eye Colour- Normal Mode: Blue Iris with the golden. - Dark Mode: Landscape with Iris golden.
AccessoriesA necklace with a blue crystal, a Digivice iC Burst and a collar with the name.
Special Abilities- Aero: It creates a strong current of air around the body for both attack enemies around how to undo moves depending on what. - Atra Healing: use to heal the wounds - Atra Storm: A fiery black aura appears wrapped my body, increasing strength, speed, senses and ability to spell. Getting stronger, and no use for a long time, therefore, Atra can be free. - Atra Thert: absorb the energy of the enemy, but also use as attack. - Blue Lazer: Loose a blue leisure - Divine Shield: Use the magical essence of light combined with the wind creating an impenetrable shield - Fire Ball: create a ball of fire and Arremeço the opponent. - Fire Storm: I create a firestorm. - Luminaire: A technique concentrates the light energy in the body and creates a force field around him, reaching a good distance, this energy goes green, the force field created can eliminate all that contact, then she is falling apart gradually. - Mighty bite: It uses its tusks to strike a powerful bite at the opponent. - Omega Burst: The Burst Hazard in my forehead glows while I stretch my hand towards the opponent by creating a magic symbol in front of my hand with the format of Hazard, Hazard symbol of each element concentrates, give this magic symbol shooting at the opponent may explode by the time I want. This explosion can reach a large room and even hit me I do not cause anything, can instantly kill the opponent. However, this attack should only be used in the latter case, therefore, spend a lot of energy vital User. - Tail Smash - Use the tail to hit the ground and thus cause a strong tremor.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery fit
LikesDrawing, Computer, Fight and Build Robots Parties.
Dislikesno data

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