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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRakka
SpeciesNon-anthro Dragon
AgeAbout 618, give or take a few years
HeightSixteen to eighteen hands (or, about five or six feet (to the shoulder))
WeightA few hundred pounds.
SummaryA large, non-anthro version of Kizul, with a 20-/30-foot wingspan and a roughly twenty-foot-long body (from tail-tip to snout-tip). Any additional details can be requested via PM, e-mail, IM, etc. ^_^ As this is Kizul's alternate form, there are several references to his MAIN form, which can be found here. :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis main scales are black with medium yellowy-green edges. Streaks of gold can be seen across the patches of the black scales. The scales on the front of his throat, his chest, and his belly (extending between his legs, down to just in front of where his tail begins) are all a sparkly salmon-pink. The scales on the insides of his wings are a bright, almost neon green, and they give off small sparkly, rainbowy glimmers in bright light. His wingspan is between 20 and 30 feet, give or take a little.
Hair ColourOn his head (and the tip of his tail), are flexible, silvery plates — three on his tail, and five on his head (the one on the top being the largest of the five). In front of the plates on his head are two smallish spikes. Just in front of his ear-holes, he also has large, fin-like 'ears' that move up or down, depending on his mood. ^^
Eye ColourThey appear to have no irises. Everything in his eyes is blood-red except for the pupils, which are black.
WeaponryUm… I think flame breath counts. o.o? Other than that, sharp claws and pointy teeth. :p
Special AbilitiesHas the abilities to breathe underwater, and spit fire (and also, obviously, fly :p). When agitated, smoke sometimes comes out of his nostrils, though he usually tries to calm himself down before that happens — smoke stings. He can also exhale smoke rings! :D Though that's more of a talent than an ability. ^^;
Outstanding FeaturesHis immense size. ;3

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally rather mellow; always seems amused by most people/creatures that are much smaller than he is. Can be a tad possessive sometimes, particularly of shiny things, and enjoys challenging authority, especially if he's bigger than it is. >:3
LikesShinies! :3 <3 And other things, too, of course, but they're too numerous to list here. :p
LocationHe currently dwells within the maze-like caverns that lie beneath the surface of Mongalo Island's southern tip.
Additional InfoFor additional information regarding things like kinks, specific anatomical descriptions not listed, and other things — inquire via e-mail, IM or PM. ^_^

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