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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAndy Finney (Omega Warior)
SpeciesGrey Fox / Grey Dragon
Height7 foot (Fox) - 10 foot (dragon) - Infinity
Weight.25ton (fox) - 1.9ton (dragon)
SummaryDespite being built like a tank and having a muscle density about twice that of any other life-form, Andy's soft and gentle. He likes hugs and scritching just as much as a good hard yiff, more so at times. His huge weight is totally due to his huge build and density, and he's very proud of it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey fur / scales, with a white belly.
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingShirt and jeans at normal heights, nothing as he gets bigger...
WeaponryPurely size, speed and cunning.
Special AbilitiesIs a water elemental, and can create water-based wings while in his fox form that are strong enough to allow him to fly. Has some shape-shifting powers that he can use on others.
Outstanding FeaturesAt his minimum size, with his basic build, he can lift over 100 times his own body weight with one hand. Strength and muscle mass grows diss-proportionatly (for every 10X increase in height, muscle mass and strength increase 25X over) [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]

Personality & Background

PersonalityCareing and friendly, he's more than happy to stand up for some-one, unless they stab him in the back. He can be a little emotional at times, but often projects a feeling of coldness in public. Only really getting the hang of his powers now, he pushes himself as far as he can to see what he can do, and encourages others to do their hardest as well.
BackgroundBorn to both a fox (mother) and a dragon (father), Andy didn't even know his form could change until he was in his mid twenties. Until then he'd remained purly as a grey fox. Then he discovered that, after consuming a suffficient amount of water, that he could create wings made from water. As time progressed, he discovered he could control his shape slightly, and eventually, discovered his ability to grow. Soon after, he pushed himself and became a dragon for the first time, after a slight accident with a growth ray. Now he exalts in his ability to grow, becoming as big as possible as fast as possible.
LikesGrowth, muscle, hugs, scritches, water, ribs, chinese food, other hyper macro's, men AND women, comedies, sci-fi and fantasy films and books
DislikesShrinking, stomping, killing, violence of any kind, liver, tea and coffee, romance films
LocationUnited Kingdom
OccupationArtist, modeler.
Additional InfoThis is my basic character. Expect me to be this guy if we talk.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What doesn

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