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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDurante
SpeciesFoxuar (Mixture of Jaguar and Fox)
Age418 (Appears to be 26)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe is a mixed species, but ontop of this also has some unusual colourings. The main fur colour covering his head, back, sides and top half of his legs is a darkish yellow. Along his belly/chest/inner thighs where is usually white for foxes is a murky grey/green colour. His handpaws from midway between his elbow wrist down where should be black on a fox is actually a dark purple and the same on his shins downwards. His paws more resemble leopards than foxes but is a mixture as he also has the larger ears of a fox. He also has spots like a leopard which cover all his body apart from the purple areas which have a black outside much like normal leopards but a dark purple center matching the paws.
Hair ColourDark Purple
Eye ColourPurple
ClothingVaries, sometimes jeans and a shirt when he's trying to fit in and othertimes merely a loincloth.
AccessoriesHe has a tongue ring, belly button ring as well as a stud in his right ear, all of them silver. As well as a toe ring on his second smallest toe on his left foot and second biggest on right.
WeaponryA special dagger curved dagger with jewel encrusted hilt. Its disguised as a weapon but if one was to try and slash with it it would merely pass through the person with no harm done. This dagger is the source of the Jox's power and while someone could deprive him of it they could not use it themselves. This dagger allows him to change himself how he wishes, but it draws on his energy so he cannot overuse it. Most of the time this will not be seen as he only summons it when he wants to use it.
Special AbilitiesHe is able to cast minor spells and alter his size without the dagger but cannot do nearly as much without it.
Outstanding FeaturesColourations and species.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a big tease, he enjoys messing with littles and caring for them. He does not intentionally hurt people and if he does get into the rare mood for a rampage he uses his dagger after to revive all he killed.
BackgroundHe once belonged to Anahita in her earlier days as Demi-Goddess, the Jox acted as her bodyguard and 'errand' boy when she was too lazy to take care of things. He had once been a normal fur until turned into Ana's slave where she crafted him into an image she desired which is why he is so well hung as well as being decently muscled. After just over three hundred years in her service Anahita released him to spend his time as he wishes, aging but very slowly. When he was found by Anahita he was merely 18. For every 50 years of earth time his body ages by 1. Thus the Jox currently has the body of a 26 year old.
LikesHe enjoys growing rather large as well as growing others silly big as well. He also enjoys more... smuttery kinds of things.