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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDroxious Lorne Valdez
SummaryJust your average bull-man. I like to chat it up with the ladies, draw/sketch, write, make flash animations, and I aspire to be a 3D modeler one day...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown fur with dark brown spots
Hair ColourBlack, short and curly
Eye ColourDark brown
ClothingAnything I'm comfortable in. Sometimes I'll go for the standard tshirt-jeans combination, and sometimes I go for the "nothing but boxers" look. Sometimes I wear nothing...really depends on my mood. X3
AccessoriesDun have any. D:
WeaponryOne knife...in sheath...somewhere...
Special AbilitiesTelepathy...I can read minds to an extent...but I have not mastered this skill yet. So reading minds can get crazy sometimes. ^^;
Outstanding FeaturesThe darker patch of fur on my torso looks like a crescent moon...

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, very tolerant, perverted, enjoys listening more than speaking, patient
BackgroundI was brought to america when I was only ten years old. Somehow, I gained a reputation in highschool as "the huggable one" and a lot of my female friends hugged me randomly in the hallways between classes. I graduated with a normal diploma and gained acceptance into an advanced art college...where I learned of true manhood...
LikesWomen, drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, eating
Dislikescockblocks, writer's bloc, artbloc, swimming, bad food
LocationDeeep within...southeast VA
OccupationDigital artist and column editor

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"One does not enter darkness with thoughts of heroism, darkness enters the mind for evil...and evil alone..."

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