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Rough Drawing...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKalico
SpeciesAbyssal Cat Neko
Height4 feet 6 inches
SummaryCharming and sweet, but with a dark side... Kalico is cursed with bad luck, and often finds himself in even more trouble than he causes. Most of the time, his ears are pointed a little bit back, their edges nicked in several places, and his eyes are slightly narrowed, just taking in the scene. Much to his dismay, a lot of people think he's quite cute, which is bad for his tough image.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan year round, due to his heritage. The fur that shows on his ears is red with black strips, as it is on his tail and along his spine.
Hair ColourVery dark, scarlet red.
Eye ColourPale orange, peach in the right light.
ClothingNormally, Kalico is found in dark, beat-up jeans and one bold, fashionable t-shirt or another, with a black leather jacket and athletic shoes.
AccessoriesKal wears a dark steel chain around his neck, no more than a thick necklace. A few demonic runes are engraved into the tiny links... if ever he is killed, so long as the chain is within a few miles of his body, he will revive in a matter of hours. The chain is cursed to bring him bad luck, and keep him alive to suffer through it.
WeaponryHe carries two long knives at all times, but know's they're useless against a macro, and only make them madder, so usually doesn't bother with them. His fangs are short but sharp like razors, and he lacks substantial claws, but is a talented brawler.
Special AbilitiesKalico's abyssal heritage provides him with supernatural toughness and reflexes, as well as resistance to fire. He is very difficult to squish (but its possible), and often pain makes him more vicious... but only to a point. Kal is cursed with bad luck, and often falls into misfortune.
Outstanding FeaturesBecause he's so difficult to injure, Kalico makes an excellent macro toy. He's not indestructible, and has already died a few times in one way or another (usually lengthy smothering), only to have been brought back by his cursed chain. He can be sweet and charming, but if a macro is feeling mean, he has probably done something deserving lately and can't be permanently broken... so they don't have to feel too bad about it later.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutwardly, he is friendly, casual, and laid back. He's willing to hang with just about anybody, and has been known to say overly-sweet things to those he likes. Though he is a dominant type in the micro world, he is secretly infatuated with macros and can be convinced submit to them, if they don't simply squish him first. It should be noted that Kalico is completely unable to control his purring... which often gives away his secret enjoyment of certain abuse.
BackgroundMercenary work, extortion, assassination, spying... Despite his outward friendliness, Kal has probably done something naughty in the recent past.
LikesRespect, trust, people who love what they do, living in the moment, action, and (secretly) being a macro toy/cuddle pet.
DislikesPeople who whine on and on, carelessness, boredom, alcohol, smoking, and being tired.
LocationLeaning on some macro's ankle with his arms crossed, and looking up slyly.
OccupationMercenary sometimes, odd jobs the rest of the time.
Additional Info(I'm here for the community, and don't really mind any kind of RP, including mature. Just ask me beforehand if I'm into it.)