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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMirrorclaw
SpeciesAnthro Tiger
Height100 ft. but can vary between 15 feet and 1 Mile
Weight370 metric tons
SummaryMirrorclaw is a duality in a sense--he is very calm and peaceful about his clan, protecting them as part of the clan's warrior force; other times he is fierce and angry, very capable of ripping out another's throat for no reason other than to kill and to rampage a city because he is in the mood for it. He has a mate, Rachaena, who is a tigress hunter for the clan and two cubs, Decyphlus and Elarra.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMuddy orange with black bengal tiger stripes with slight traces of graying
Hair ColourOnyx Black
Eye ColourSapphire Blue
ClothingDepends on his mood. Some days he will simply stay in his fur, other days he will wear button collar shirts custom made for him in various solid colors
AccessoriesBelt holster around waist which holds sword
WeaponryRazor-sharp claws, 20 foot long double edged sword stained in blood
Special AbilitiesCan adjust his height at will. Can be no shorter than 15 feet tall, and no higher than 1 mile.
Outstanding FeaturesLarge scars under left eye from battle

Personality & Background

PersonalityMirrorclaw is a kid at heart when surrounded by his family and friends. He loves to spend time with his relation in the clan, playing with his cubs and watching them grow up, and takes the duties he has as part of the clan's warrior guard very seriously.
BackgroundMirrorclaw was born at the cost of his mother's life, which pained him through his cub years. His father did the best that he could to raise the cub, and was amazed at how quickly he grew up. He had his first major fight at 7 years old, getting it a scuffle with another tiger in the clan over a kill in the forest. This was the first time that Cantrel found out that he could control his size. After discovering this, he grew to 100 feet tall, grabbed the tiger that had an issue with him over the kill and broke his legs. He earned respect that day. He continued to grow up, becoming a part of the clan's warrior force at 14 years old. He then spent 4 years training in fine arts of pouncing and tracking prey. One day after a very lengthy and exhaustive training session, Mirrorclaw had been upset at himself about something that he had done wrong during the exercises. He pounded his paws together and decided he needed to take out the frustration that he was enduring. He walked to the nearest town, grew to 2000 feet tall and leveled the town. It was his first full rage. He grabbed pawfuls of humans and ate them, using his claws to break their weak bodies as he had his way with their feeble city. During that rage, Cantrel enjoyed feeling the earth tremble under his power. As he was destroying the city, he purposely caused three earthquakes with the power in his legs and force from his tail. He came home that night, 200 feet tall and covered in the blood from the humans he killed and ate. This interested Rachaena, a tigress that Mirrorclaw had been training with. She tended to his minor cuts from the falling debris and those humans that were foolish enough to try and hurt him. There was a connection that night, as she bathed him in the river that ran near the clan's den. One year after his rampage, the two were declared mates. They promptly had a pair of cubs, separated by one year.
LikesMirrorclaw enjoys watching stars at night and walking around the forests and mountains near their den. He loves the taste of oranges and papaya, which are hard to come by. When he is in the mood, he enjoys battling with other tigers in the clan. He fights with rival clans when the need arises, and received his scars in a battle with one of the aforementioned rival clans.
DislikesMirrorclawl dislikes humans that feel they have the right to drive out the tigers from the den lands. He cannot stand the taste of butterscotch and is highly allergic to it. Also highly allergic to catnip. He also is not fond of tigers in his clan that boast--he views it as his responsibility to challenge those who believe they are better than everyone else.

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