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Geranamo !

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDoctor
SpeciesFeline- Albnino Spottless Serval

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur is a light white short with two solid grayish black stripes on the ears and tail.
Hair ColourDark Brown swooping infront of my face from time to time. Though i am still hopping to end up with Ginger Hair.
Eye ColourDeep Blue
Clothing1.Dressed with a rose color crosshatching dress shirt a nice black bow tie around my neck collar. 2. A pair of Braces keeping up by blue Trousers. C. Then to top if off a nice baige twead coat with plenty of pockets, cause you never know what you might need to carry with you. D. Finnaly a set of Brown boots! And curse it! I ment 3 & 4 not C&D ...erase erase erase..
AccessoriesSonic Screwdriver - What the All in one tools wish they could be. It Melds metal ! Interupts Electronics! Detects lifeforms and diffrent chemicals! Even occasionaly Unscrews Screws!
Weaponry"The T.A.R.D.I.S Is a Weapon it will be destroyed" sudden explotion. Ahe Stop hey wait! Dalek the Tardis is not a Weapon! I will take this opportunity to explain it though. A T.A.R.D.I.S wich is short for Time And Relative Dimentions In Space. Or in simple terms it is a Vehicle abel to move through the Time Vortex and place to place. Its appearance is that of a blue police call box. originaly it was abel to change shape but I managed to break that feature. oh well she is still a good old sight to see! Feel free to ask me for a trip to anywhere you want...oh and did i mention, it travels in time too ?
Special AbilitiesDouble Heart and highly improved immune system combined with bodily functions unlike anything from here, is easily my special ability. I think my way out of situations with a mind as sharp as a sword. while at the same time i have one lil trick and sometimes a weakness. I can Regenerate. All of my kind were born with the ability to save there lives by reconstructing there body down to the individual cells. Unfortuntly for us this is not immortality but mearly a way to cheat death. i can only regenerate a total of 13 times and am currently on my 11th. but dont worry Certain death has not tarnished my willingness to dive in to the rescue.
Outstanding FeaturesMy good looks !...

Personality & Background

PersonalityWitty with a keen and cunning Mind. I normaly have bursts of thought proccesses normaly getting stuck in them for a while. But allas thats not it ! with being so close to death all the time and having died quiet a few times i have learned its better to live to live then to live to die.
BackgroundWell i am from the planet Galifrey in the Medusa Nebula. I am 906 year old and am a TimeLord, a now twice extinct species from long ago, i will explain being twice extinct later. Basically i have been a fan of watching the people of earth and living amongst them through out history. Occasionaly stopping alien threats. Well actually more than occasionaly...you thing theyd follow the shadow proclimations for once right ?
Likesgood strolls in the park watching shake spear not the remakes the original plays. Learning and Music...Ask me to direct your orcastra today! Getting myself in trouble...love it as much as i hate it.
DislikesPears Daleks cybermen ...is there enough room for this list ?
Locationsome where near maples....just not sure what time atm..but working on it !
OccupationDo i need one ? i mean I am a good teacher.
Additional InfoSpoilers. i hate spoilers.

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