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Unfinished image, missing the wings (only an outline) and the lower body, but you get the idea

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheComet / Sybol
SpeciesDraCoonic Fox (Dragon-Fox-Raccoon)
Weight135 lbs
SummaryFursona is based around my own appearance and personality, with the obvious addition of fox ears, tail, dragon wings, ect :P

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed fur with white fur on his chest and stomach, darker fur across the eyes in a "bandit" stripe with the same darker fur on the ends of the fingers starting at the second knuckle. Ears are red with the darker fur at the base, black tipped Tail is red with a white tip.
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourChanges between gray, green, blue, teal, and sometimes light gray. Usually gray with a light green around the pupils (as they seem to be most of the time IRL)
ClothingUsually wearing either a red or dark gray hoodie and dark khaki pants. To allow wings, the back of the clothes are cut from the bottom in two spots up to the wings, with zippers there. This allows the shirt to be unzipped in the back and lifted overhead without fumbling with the wings :)
AccessoriesSilver ring with a ruby embedded in it with a paw print design in it on the right hand ring finger.
Weaponryin the more comic book stylized version, -2x Steyr TMPs, holstered at the hip -a silenced USP at the hip, a second one across the chest, and one more hidden beneath a pant leg on the left leg. -numerous combat knives, hidden on each leg, on the hip, on the shoulder and back -pair of custom designed katanas holstered at the hip and angled slightly back for easy draws -AK-47 slung over the back
Special AbilitiesBased on things I have IRL: -Acute hearing -Fast reflexes -Slim but sorta in shape -Colorblind, astigmatism, nearsighted, OED for the comic stylized version: -Control over heat, whether the abundance or lack thereof
Outstanding FeaturesMaroon Dragon wings Red fox tail with a white tip, considerably large tail that is just over the length of his legs