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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLydian
Ageat least 200, appears young
WeightA few pounds
SummaryLydian is a Konekomata, he has a human appearance, cat ears like a traditional neko. But, unlike a neko, he has two seperate tails. He's cute and loyal to those he labels as friends and would be willing to do anything for them, and a nightmare for his enemies. Lydian also has an Androgynous appearence, and can just as easily appear/dress as a convincing girl as he could a guy.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite skin, not unlike that of a caucasian human. Fur color is the same as his hair color.
Hair ColourDark brown with a slight red tint, giving his hair a little more color.
Eye ColourA semi-light purple color with a slight reddish tint that makes them appear almost pink.
ClothingWears a striped sweater with a large collar, which seems to be a little big on him, as his hands are mostly hidden away in his sleeves. The bottom of his sweater also hangs down just below his waist. He wears black shorts with pant legs that hang down loosely half-way down his knees. He also wears black boots that go partway up his shins, past his ankles, though he is mostly barefoot when he is at home and not going anywhere. His clothing is intitled to change, if he decides to wear a uniform provided to him for whatever reason.
AccessoriesHe wears a leather collar underneath his sweater's collar, with a tag hanging from it that says "Owner(s)" on it, but currently does not list even one name on it. On the back of the tag, it lists other names that appear to have been written by a micro. Each name has a slash through each of them, which could be the names of his previous owners, or the names of his enemies that he defeated.
WeaponryClaws, but he dosen't use them for fighting purposes, as he dosen't like fighting.
Special AbilitiesA person that continues to stare into his eyes can be caught under a type of Hypnosis, allowing Lydian to influence or even control their actions.
Outstanding FeaturesHis jewel-like eyes which are almost mesmerizing, the source of his one and only ability. The hair on his head as well as the fur on his ears and tails, has a very gentle and warm texture, giving him one of the softest furs in existence.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLydian is mostly submissive and very friendly to everyone he meets. He is also timid and a little shy, which can easily screw up his first impressions, but he opens up more to people as he interacts with them over time, which can reveal a bit of a mischevious side. he is also very open-minded, and accepts anyone and everyone. He normally speaks in a cute tone, so it's easy to tell if he's ever upset or angry for some reason. Even though Lydian is normally kind and open-hearted, he can be plain cruel, mean and vengeful to those he deems enemies. Although, he rarely gets enemies due to his openmindedness, so his dark side is almost constantly locked away.
LikesEveryone, but favors open-minded people and dominant ones, but favors his friends most of all. Also likes treats and goodies, but favors chocolate. Has a habit of sometimes finding weird things to be interesting~ He also likes cuddling with people. He also likes feet/footpaws and likes to cuddle with people's feet.
DislikesDislikes closed-minded, close-hearted and mean people. He also has a fear of insects or anything insect-like, he is more afraid of spiders though.

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