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Rilla's anthro and feral form.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRilla (Dragriyu) Streamwake
SpeciesEurasian River Otter
SummaryRilla, also known as Riyu, is a playful river otter. She loves to play and mess around with friends, and she's basically like me...but she's an otter. Simples!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown fur.
Hair ColourBlack with red tips and a few red streaks.
Eye ColourSky blue.
ClothingGenerally red and black, though she loves any top with a cute logo or animal P: Generally wears baggy 3/4 lengths (cargo pants?). She never wears shoes. Ever :B
AccessoriesShe loves wristbands/sweatbands, especially checkered ones. She loves checkered accessories; belts, sweatbands, fingerless gloves. She generally doesn't wear jewellery. She usually carries a pair of big headphones round her shoulders (black and red with a flame-like pattern around the top).
Special AbilitiesAble to change to and from feral form at will.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheerful and playful, she loves to have a laugh. She has a good sense of humour, but whenever a friend needs advice or even just a hug, she's always close at hand. Although outgoing with friends, it's hard for her to talk to new people, or those in authority, because she's a little shy. :x
BackgroundShe was brought up in a typical family home, but they generally had to move a lot (for various reasons). Because of this, she likes to move around a lot, and adapts very well to change.
LikesSeafood (especially prawns), being around people, rock music, techno, trance and dance, chocolate o 3o
DislikesThose who can't take jokes, but can dish them out like cake. Also dislikes yiff, talking to new people (she's a little shy around strangers).
Additional InfoHer name is derived from multiple languages (because I'm a nerd like that.) Her first name is Teutonic (Don't ask, I don't know either) for River, and...well, the rest is general English.

Just for Fun