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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArcticus "Fang" Silver
SpeciesSnow Leopard x Raccoon
AgeUnkown, Assumed to be early twenties
HeightApprox, 6ft
SummaryFang is something of a unique mix, he retains a lot of his snow leopard heritage in his appearence. The majority of his fur is grey, traditional leopard spots covered the upper half of his body before fading into what appeared to be tiger stripes along his legs. His tail also retains the traditional snow leopard appearence and length however it has the striped raccoon markings. His pink nose is another oddity with a white patch running along the top of his nose before fading into grey. He has a raccoon like bandits mask, however it doesnt cross his bridge, instead it ends in an abrupt spike on either side of his bridge. His ears are black, with solid white tips, and a white spot on the back of each.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMost of his colour came from his feline side, greys, blacks, and whites made up the vast amount of his fur.
Hair ColourHis hair was cut in a typical 'bed-head' look, kept at a neat enough length to easily maintain, but long enough to cover his eyes when he wished. It was dyed white and has deep blue and purple highlights around the edging.
Eye ColourHis eyes are both green, almost lime. However around the iris a small amount of blue is seen in a slight speckling.
ClothingSomething of a nudist when it was required that he wore clothes he opted for a rather loose fitting pair of dark denim, Button fly 3/4 shorts. Occaisonally he will be seen in a pink and black skirt, a gift from a friend, apparently.
AccessoriesHe almost always wears his leather collar, made up of three pieces of leather, joined together by small strips of chainmail, with a single chain running from one side to the other. A choker collar apparently He also has four peircings on the outer edge of his left ear, and another three on the outside of his right, Both nipples are peirced as well as his tongue and belly button

Personality & Background

PersonalityHis personality is that of his Raccoon side. He's not so much a theif as a nuissance, refusing to steal anything of significant value he finds himself pinching others property none the less. Shiny things, Edible things, Pretty much anything that isnt valuable, and isnt nailed to the ground.
BackgroundFang had spent the younger years of his life in an destitute environment, his family consisted of his mother and father an elder sister and younger brother. His mother was a stay-at-home housewife who attempted to raise her children in the best way she could in their broken house, whilst his father was a labourer, a drunk, and almost always outwardly violent. Fang had on more than one occaison by the pleads of his mother at the hands of his father, and just as often was at the recieving end of the mans abuse. At age 12 Fang fled his home after another night of beatings. With only the clothes on his back he managed to make his way into the closest major city. He spent many weeks on the street, scavenging, thieving and begging. It was in the second month on the streets that someone approached him with an offer of food, shelter, and clothes simply because they pitied him. Fang stayed with this older male for several years, being looked after in an almost idealic and luxurious atmosphere. He was returned to school and given opportunities to do sports and nothing was asked in return. Shortly after his fifteenth birthday Fang's 'foster' father invited him to talk late one night. This was his first introduction to the depravity of the world. Feeling as he owed this gentleman much Fang allowed the relationship to continue until he was kicked out shortly after he turned 19, being told he was 'too old' for this foster fathers taste. By this time he'd worked out a simple and effective plan to make his lot in life which led him to his career path now, He didnt need to do much and they handed him money for something he enjoyed.
LikesPretty much anything
OccupationEscort. Tailors to the less seedy side of the profession.
Additional InfoMore info > http://www.f-list.net/c/arcticus%20silver