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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNathanial
SpeciesAnthro Feline
HeightNormally 5 foot, 7 inches...but that can change
Weight185 lbs., but see above. ^^
SummaryA fun-loving anthro that can change size at will...just not his *own* will. An adventure seeker that is more then willing to meet, chat with, and play with anyone. Big or small, guy or gal, any species.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray fur on his tail and ears. Dark purple fur everywhere else.
Hair ColourNone, only fur...
Eye ColourLight brown, which can be warm and tender, or playfully mischievous. They frequently betray his mood.
ClothingTruly depends on mood. T-shirts, sports jerseys, sweatshirts, swimsuit, birthday suit...you name it. Commonly, it tends to be a T-Shirt and jeans, though.
AccessoriesNathanial rarely, if ever, wears any.
WeaponryClaws and body mass when macro...nothing otherwise. He hates conflict.
Special AbilitiesNathanial's size can change, and so far seems to have no limit as to how big or small. However, he has no control over this ability. If someone else wants him a different size, it happens, without warning. If at least an hour goes by that nobody wants him a different size, he returns to his "normal" 5'7".
Outstanding FeaturesOnly one. A slight scar line in one eyebrow top to bottom, a result of opening a car door into himself while in a rush. ><

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe tends to be upbeat and happy. As his size fluctuates at the whim of others, so to does his mood it seems. This can make him wildly unpredictable to others, though usually not the one he is with. His feline nature can get the better of him though, with a strong urge to play, and the 'alpha male' urge pushing him to show off. He has been dealing with his size-changing curse long enough to accept it, and while he's still surprised, he's no longer terrified of it. He quite enjoys playing with, and being played with, others.
Background"I was your normal anthro cat, until that day I got that job at the bookstore. One day, the boss gets a book addressed to him. He tosses it my way, tells me to read it, and tell him the important parts. The things I do for a paycheck. Anyway, as I leaf through it, I get to the handwritten note on the inside cover. Seems whoever it is had a real grudge against the boss. The book was supposedly cursed. Rolling my eyes, but still with a job to do, I read through. Some nonsense about a pixie curse. That someone that thought himself to be a big shot, should be cursed to live life the way others wanted him. Rolling my eyes, I closed the book and left it. Wasn't until I got home that I realized what happened. I got into teasing my shorter friend. At one point she says 'You know, I wish just once, you had to look up to me'. Next thing I know, I'm an inch shorter then her! A few more 'wishes' later, and we figured out just how this works. It was stressful and terrifying at first, but in time, I came to accept the changes in my life. Now I seek out new people to have fun with, and simply roll with the punches."
LikesPlayfulness, furs of all shapes and sizes. Playing with 'toys' (most anything at his feet when he feels playful).
LocationJust about anywhere...always looking for a new thrill.
OccupationThrill seeker.
Additional InfoHe is always open to chatting, playing and most everything. He enjoys time spent with any species, personality, size and gender. Don't hesitate to say hello if you see him!

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