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Comission Done By Toraneko :3333

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJaddius F.X. Thor
SpeciesFlottsky (Wolf, Fox, Otter and Husky)
Summarythe F and X stands for frumpleton and xavier

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourall different shades of blue
Hair Colouralso...blue
Eye Colourgoldy yellow
Clothingwhat do you mean "clothing" X3
Accessoriesa black collar
Weaponrydark gunblades, dual shoulder and dual arm mounted ion cannon's with enought power to rip through a small sun with ease, the extremlley heavy power armour activated at will with the ability to fly, regenerate damage, teleport, change its weight dynamicly and sustain a HUGE amount of damage, also has a failsafe system built into the armor which was based upon the alpha suit that emits a sheild covering the armour, sending anything that comes into contact with it into a divergent timestream
Special Abilitiesnone really, mostly all derive from his power armour
Outstanding Featuresweirdness of a otter hybrid and a huge tail :3

Personality & Background

Personalityridiculously energetic most of the time, much to silly for his own good
Likespie, moosics, my shiny gaming laptop, playing piano, synth's, listening to very loud crappy techno/dance/house/club ect, flying, repairing stuff, gaming and fluffy things, power RP'ing
Dislikesstupid people, explaining things to stupid people, the boringness and furrlessness of canberra...OOH and drama, i REALLY hate drama it pisses me off
OccupationJunior Aircraft Engineer
Additional Infois weird! do not approach at risk of loss of sanity

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