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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJake
SpeciesAnthro/ Taur Husky
Height6 foot
SummaryI'm a Gay Husky living in Iowa. I like husky's because they have the bad-ass qualities that wolves possess but when you stare into their eyes you can still see the beautiful innocence deep inside

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAnthro(main) Blueish-Grey and pure white white fur, slightly buff, big paws, 4 toes on footpaws, very fluffy tail with a very slight curve on the end. Slighty spiky longish blue/Grey Hair on top of head--- Taur: Upper body same as anthro. But Back paws are hooves and front paws are slightly large 4 toed feral paws. Tail is much larger than anthro form, big, long and extremely fluffy
Hair Colour^Above
Eye Colourbig and Blue, brighter than fur color, With Innocence
ClothingClothes start to get expensive when they rip off when you transform... But usually Jeans or khaki's and a t-shirt
AccessoriesMy cell phone. And a small silver and black Ring on my right hand ring finger
WeaponryClaws *rawr*
Special AbilitiesChanges back from Taur to Anthro. Whenever deemed necessary
Outstanding FeaturesVery deep eyes that are very easy to get lost into.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySorta shy but on the inside wants to open up. I've been seen as the nice guy. I'm also kinda crazy from time to time. (if you really get to know me) I try to get along with most people doesn't always work out. But I keep trying. Very energetic, just wants to play. I've always been viewed as intelligent but I don't like to be snobby. I like to establish meaning to a friendship or relationship. I like to care for and protect my friends. It's in my nature.
Background18 living a secret life a a furry, trying to get more involved everyday
LikesTigers, Bears, Wolves, Dragons, Lions, Otters... I have a special thing for otters. Likes be complimented. Likes his tummy rubbed,, likes to be licked and loves to hug. In Taur forms likes when people ride on his back. (just ask ;D )
LocationIowa ( Request for Specific location)
Additional InfoFeel free to talk to me about anything. I'm pretty open and just wants to have a good time.

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