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February 20, 2020, 08:31:40 PM
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Whale human hybrid with a little bit of a cat ( Looks like a mermaid, just with the bottom part being a whale instead of a fish. Also have Cat ears) Proportions: bust huge, belly slim, bottom a large whale

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEden
Heightlength 32' height - 12'
WeightI am partly a whale, so quite a lot

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhale bottom: light blue Human Upper body: lightish skinned
Hair ColourVery long and smooth light pink
Eye ColourLight emerald
ClothingJust a whale themed bikini top
WeaponryNo weapons, just a lantern which grew out of her head, but is mostly hidden in her long hairs.
Special AbilitiesI can breath underwater, as well as on land I can move on land quite like a Naga by slithering with my whale bottom I can cast a lot of different light magic spells with my lantern
Outstanding FeaturesI can hear very good with the cat ears and detect smaller people with them My body can process food unusual fast and turns it almost instantly into mass I can grow literately without a limit, but the bigger I get, the more food I need to maintain the size Without the needed food, I start to slowly shrink down till I reach my normal size

Personality & Background

PersonalityI am mostly Gentle and caring. I Always look out for smaller ones. Sometimes I am a real airhead.
BackgroundI really... can't remember *blushs*
LikesEvery kind of sea food, smoked Tuna filet Everything related to landers I am always curious to see people from the land I always wished to be bigger
DislikesMean people Boats equipped with harpoons as well as people who use them
LocationMost the time in the Sea Also travel all over the world and sometimes even in other worlds

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