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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSarah
HeightAround 8 feet
WeightA girl has to keep some secrets, but she will admit that it's over 500 lbs usually.
SummaryA large and caring penguin, she has been looking for a person willing to accept her as she is and perhaps spend her life with. She has good friends, but none of them are striking her interest enough. She isn't against gaining weight, though she would like a good person (either male or female) by her side before she really starts doing so.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep blue feathering covering most of her body, with lighter blue feathers covering her belly, her face, and the insides of her arms and legs.
Hair ColourSame blue that covers most of her body, with some strips of a darker blue.
Eye ColourDeep luminous blue.
ClothingOn work: thin skimpy clothing that shows off her body, without being overly slutty. Tends to favor styles with with see-through veils and such. Off work: Tends to be more conservative with baggy t-shirts and sweaters, with jeans or sweatpants.
AccessoriesWears simple bands or bracelets sometimes.
WeaponryNone except her large size and above average speed for her size.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet and caring, Sarah will either warm up to new people at once, or never at all. She is confident in her body, and while she doesn't like people talking down about her, she easily shrugs off such comments and keeps on moving. Despite her profession, she is intelligent and keeps a steady stock of books just for reading.
BackgroundShe always had been a big girl when she was growing up, though the comments and jokes the other children made never phased her. Her parents and her lived out in the suburbs, till she moved to the city for a change of pace. Some of her friends talked her into dancing at the theater and she's stayed there every since.
LikesFood (oddly enough), spending time with her group of friends and fellow dancers, and reading a good book or watching a movie.
DislikesAnyone who has to try and insult her about her body, and small portions when she goes out to eat.
LocationA well furnished apartment in a big city, just a short way from the theater where she works.
OccupationWorks as a more exotic belly dancer at a local theater.

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