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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVikki Thyme
SummarySweet and silly and way too trusting, a busty, squirmy handfull of fun! She lives for your pleasure, and would die for your pleasure.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA decadently soft and thick calico pelt, a riot of colors and patterns that favors reds - rust and copper and russet and orange.
Hair ColourLike her fur, it varies, mostly a pure, golden blonde streaked through with strawberry blonde, platinum blonde and coppery red.
Eye ColourParti-color! A jumble of greens, blues, greys and yellows.
ClothingHigh-heeled leather boots, with pretty gold buckles at her slender ankles and toned thighs. Too-tight, too short leather shorts cling to her round rump, permitting her slinky tail to writhe free, a broad, gold-chased leather belt with a big gold buckle at her narrow waist. A leather bra that looks like it's trying way too hard to keep her bountiful bust in check. Studded leather collar about a dainty throat, with a golden buckle and leash hoop. Tight leather gloves, as high as they can go, right to her shoulders, buckled above her biceps.
AccessoriesA leash!
WeaponryCute smile.
Special AbilitiesRegeneration from any level of harm, re-incarnation if needed. Be. Mean. To. Me.
Outstanding FeaturesCurvaceous, voluptuous body - fit and toned, yet bountiful and soft.

Personality & Background

BackgroundIrrelevant, just step on her already, you know she likes it!
LikesGiants stepping on people in general, and stepping on her in specific. Being enslaved, raped and tortured by cruel giants. Tall boots and tight gloves on guys. Tall boots and tight gloves on guys who like squishing little cat-girls. Giantesses also welcome.
DislikesAss-play, bathroom play, paw play. Boots or high-heels OK.
Additional InfoYou cannot be too cruel to her.