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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMoxiee
Height5 foot 4
Weight120 lbs
SummaryA quick run down on the one and only emo/punk/goth hyperactive Moxiee! [Please bare with me as this is a work in progress!]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStorm grey covers her body in a short, silken sheen. Mocha stripes slash their way through the stormy coat. Her left cheek holds three diagonal claw mark-like scars starting at the outter corner of her eye to run down to the corner of her mouth. Scars are often hidden from sight by her bangs. Her feline ears are small, and hidden under her hat. Has a long tufted lions tail.
Hair ColourDifferent hues of reds and purples blended together, yet if one were to look closely enough there would be a hint of black as well, her natural colour. Cut short enough so that her longest locks don't go past her chin.
Eye ColourHazardous green eyes stare out from a thick fringe of lashes while eyes are lined thickly with black. Splashes of silver glitter covers her lids.
ClothingA red cotton button down covers her upper body, held closed with two buttons, the rest are left undone and open. Underneath one can catch a glimpse of yellow. A short black jacket stops just below her rib-cage left open. Black wraps around her hips to stop mid-thigh, sides slitted almost up to the hem. Thigh high black and white stockings up with red garters.. Black heeled boots stop just below her knees, laces of two different colours. Right boot lace is yellow, the left is white.
AccessoriesA silver hoop graces the right hand side of her bottom lip. Thin black choker around her neck with a Celtic knot hanging down to nestle in the base of her throat. She wears a a black cabbie-style hat that has small silver and gold stars studded in various places. Hanging on an angle around her hips is a red leather belt studded with silver stars. Always has lollipops of various colours on her person. The base of her tail has a yellow ribbon wrapped in a criss-cross fashion
WeaponryNone. Unless you count the sticks of lollipops. She's more of a flight rather then fight kind of person.
Special AbilitiesMoxiee has the ability to easily amuse herself, and get herself into trouble.
Outstanding FeaturesHer eyes. Who can refuse a pair of toxic green eyes? Generally always has a lollipop in her mouth.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be a bit of a handful. Full of sass and sarcasm when the mood strikes, yet loves to befriend people. She is a button pusher. If she finds something that someone doesn't like, she'll push the button, just to see how far she can go before that person snaps. Tends to be fearless to the point of stupidity, but tries to make up for any blunder she makes by any way she deems fit enough to rectify the situation. Flirty, spunky and outgoing, she loves to have fun. Has been known to have a bit of a temper and will break the rules. Can be possessive of things she deems hers.
Background..this is pending..
Likes-Men with a firm hand, yet still know how to have fun. -Witty banter. -Laughter -Playing -Glittery things -Things that make noise
Dislikes-Weak minded men -Spiders -Clowns -Having no candy
LocationCan more often then not be seen hiding in a pen somewhere.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI have no style, no class, but let me tell you boys, I am a fine piece of ass.