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Done by my friend pojo hes the tiny thing on me >.<

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGlamori
Weight*squish* need more?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUnlike her best friend Shadewither, Glamori is a neko so the only extra hair she has is on her cute ears poking out of her long back hair and her tail. Both her tail and ears are covered in jet black fur except for the tips which have hints of white.
Eye ColourLike most cats this little minx has dark yellow eyes that seem to capture her prey in them.
ClothingHer current fashion obession is Alice in Wonderland theme specifically the mad hatter. She wears wearing black buckle shoes with a knee length black skirt and a red petticoat, a red shirt with a black mad hatter symbol printed on it. Her look was finished with a fitted tails jacket with giant white buttons down each side.
AccessoriesThe ultimate device any neko could ever want!!! A PSP!!! whoooo :)
WeaponryLooks down at her feet tiny car remains still on the soles. "These will do"
Special AbilitiesHer only outstanding power is shifting between her two sizes though most would agree thats enough.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is usually sweet and caring when chatting and hanging with her friends but as soon as she gets bored and finds some toys to play with this little kitten grows claws! She regards all tinies as nothing but toys and her gentle personality fades away being replaced by a cold sadistic predator.
BackgroundShe grew up in a modest living being teased early on in school but blossomed later on in life. While she always had a smile on her face she never forgot how mean some people were to her.
LikesTinies to smush, squish, crush and eat :) Besides that shes into almost anything related to this little niche of her life. Vore, crush, torture some filth you know name it. Outside of it shes a big anime fan and a gamer.
DislikesPeople completely up themselves or with a stick up their ass.
LocationCurrently crushing a city.
OccupationMacro ! Someone has to do it.

Just for Fun