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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKedian
SpeciesHigh Elf
AgeIn his 200's (Appears early 20's)
SummaryBrother to Kedia, though a lot less abrasive.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA pale cream colour, smooth and luscious as milk
Hair ColourA deep azure blue, it's tied in a single ponytail that falls to about his shoulders.
Eye ColourThe same dazzling blue as his hair, like small sapphires.
ClothingA dark brown leather tunic and pants, and a pair of big thick brown boots.
AccessoriesA dark leather belt with many pouches, containing lock-picks, poisons, herbs, blow darts and other tools of the trade.
WeaponryKedian prefers not to resort to violence. He sees having to fight as a sign he failed at stealth and tries to avoid it as often as possible. Despite this he is a pretty good blades-man, flavoring a small dagger which is tucked into the top of his boot.
Special AbilitiesYears of sneaking around in the dark have afforded him some semblance of night vision, though not as clear as day, he can see quite well in the bleakest of areas. He can also move quite silently
Outstanding FeaturesBeing an elf Kedian has pointed ears that taper up to the top of his head and then exceeding this point by about an inch. His features are delicate and slender, making him look a touch effeminate.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIC Kedian is a bit of a bastard, he's a bandit lord and you don't get to rule a troupe of bandits by being open and fair. He will lie, cheat, steal and worse to get what he needs. Most of the time he is OoC though and simply acts like a klepto. If he tries to rob you, it's a sign of affection really.
BackgroundSame as Kedia's mostly, parents were killed by dragon raids. Whereas his sister sought to better herself, he sunk into a life of crime.
LikesMoney, the thrill of a good raid, teasing others, bullying smaller people.
DislikesThe righteous macros and their "Tinies are people too!" tirades. Poor people, being caught out.
LocationBehind you, rifling through your pockets.
OccupationLord of the "Dryad Strike" troupe of bandits
Additional InfoI'm usually available to chat/RP just hit me up on bigfurs or somethin' I'm pretty friendly.

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