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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShaneness
Weight136 LB
SummaryKnown as ''God'' due to his abilities and courage to protect the one's he loves. He doesnt enjoy being massively big, only loves being a micro sometimes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis skin is white (Close to pale). And some markings around his body.
Hair ColourHis hair color is pure white. It reachs to the bottom of his neck.
Eye ColourHis eyes are hazal, and often change colors (Blue,Red,Yellow,Green)
ClothingShaneness usually hides under a cloak. He's afraid of people thinking of him as a freak due to his marks. He wears a seleevless grey and blue under shirt. A sturm black spike belt. Grey pants with a dragon like blue design. Black leather boots reaching to his shin. A pure black cloak with a hood covering his head in half. Blue lines are on the edges and in the back has a birth stone texture. It covers his body fully
AccessoriesHe wears a cross necklace with a angel on it. The angels wings are up and spreaded out. Necklace is pure silver.
WeaponryShaneness only weapon is a iron needle that comes out from under his wrist.
Special AbilitiesShaneness has the ability to control wind and gravity. Making him a tough opponent. He's also able to speak with animals and get along with them. He can also fuse his wind and gravity techniques to make a element called Swift, which is very deadly for those who cant relfect or block it unless they have gained the Tensei technique.
Outstanding FeaturesThe most outstanding feature on Shaneness is his green marks. They're in a certain pattern which interest many people. They glows bright green he begins using a technique

Personality & Background

Personality Shaneness is a loving,and caring person. He usually likes to help solve conflicts.
Background Shaneness is a human mutate. Years ago his family had abandoned him, due to his childish dreams. He was soon thrown into the river, hoping he would drown, but he ended up in a radioactive lake. His physical apperance hasnt changed but he gained wind and gravity like abilities. Green marks had appeared around his body. Each time he uses ability they glow bright green.
LikesEjoys being with others. Having a friendly spar. Giving gifts. Reading.
DislikesBeing alone. Being hated.Drama. Being ignored and yelled at. Being made fun of.
LocationA hideout on a island near the cost of Japan.
OccupationIs a weapon for the FBI
Additional InfoHe likes cookies

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote''You cant know pain, unless you experience true sorrow''