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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAmi Rokubi
SpeciesNogitsune 6-tailed Kitsune
Height170 cm (5 foot 7 inches)
Weight116 kilos (256 pounds)
SummaryStanding all of five foot seven, Ami is almost stereotypically "vixenish" in her build. While her face has the wide-eyed look of a young vixen and ears so big as to belong on a fennec, and is framed by a golden-blond mass of shaggy hair, the rest of her body is a slew of curves. Breasts each a foot and a half around dominate an athletic upper body, while a tight flat tummy resides below, six-pack abs just barely visible fronting her narrow waist. This flares into wide wide hips, almost comically so, and massive, heavy legs, curvy and thick, like a gymnast pumped up huge, just enough definition to show that she's solid, which taper to delicate, digitigrade footpaws. Behind her trails a brush of six massive tails, each one two full meters long and fully prehensile.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShaggy russet fur adorns her body, with white gloves and socks, a white belly and ventral fur. Her more than 6 foot long brush of six tails are also tipped in black rings followed by flares of white. The insides of her huge black-furred ears sport a shaggy puff of white while the outer, upper half of them sport bright white tips.
Hair ColourLong blond hair worn in a shaggy, wild fall to her butt, pulled back by a feathered loose wrap at the nape of her neck.
Eye ColourAmber-gold, with a green rim around them and slit pupils
ClothingAmi wears a pair of white and bright-red pants styled a lot like a pair of traditional hakama (the flared, wide pants worn by samurai and shrine maidens alike), with their wide legs. However, in the center, hers is missing a section from the waistband down to mid-thigh on the inside, making these more like hakama-styled chaps, belted with a twined red and white obi. Under this is a bright-red close-fitting bikini bottom, cut in a high-leg fashion, the ties coming daringly up above the obi and waistband, while in back it ties around and above the tailbase of her six tails. The tails themselves have their base sheathed in a foot-long red-and-white lace-work "wrap". The white top is half kimono, half kataginu, giving her the flare-shouldered look normally worn by male samurai. The kimono-like segment is worn very open in a deep V to her waist and displays an alarming and immodest amount of bulging, straining cleavage, while the kataginu segment is done in a deep red with white threading at the edges like that of a priestess, a crest with the kanji for "Mikado" adorning the places where a family mon (crest) is required. The long, flared sleeves are adorned in orange and red leaping flame patterns.
AccessoriesFox Mask Psionic Amplifier:
Ami's fox-mask, a close-fitting, white porcelain-looking mask in the classic noh-play form has the aragoto (bold-style) red marks of a traditional Kitsune mask. The eyes, though, are a dark blue under most circumstances. Light and perfectly fitted, it usually sits perched at a rakish angle on her head. When worn, though, it is a perfect fit to her delicate vulpine muzzle.
Despite looking like nothing more than a simple mask, this Kitsune-signature item is actually a powerful psychic amplifier, taking Ami's already considerable psychic powers and increasing them to a level so powerful that many forms of macro can be affected, or, equally, buildings, mecha, and even some starships. When her powers are in use and the mask is down over her muzzle, the eyes glow a bright, visible neon blue.
The mask also provides, through the use of insanely-advanced "Clarketech" (technology so advanced that to 21st Century knowledge it would seem to be magical in nature), a sealed environment, protecting Ami's head and neck from cold, radiation, and vacuum, including space, as well as protection from the pressures, lightlessness, and cold of the deep depths of an ocean. There is enough air for her in vacuum to survive for ten minutes, and when underwater there is no limit to the amount of air the mask can produce. It will also filter out toxic fumes and hostile substances when worn in air, including invasive hostile airborne nanotechnology.
The mask is also made of a very strong substance, a form of crystalline carbon (diamond) as well as layers of aluminum oxide in a corundum crystalline layout (sapphire and emerald). Power comes from heat, motion through magnetic fields, and heat-driven piezoelectric oscillatory crystals in the mask itself.

Ami's lovely, showy robes, almost a parody of "proper" Japanese late-Edo period clothing, serve also several purposes. Comprised of a mix of conventional materials, including some of the finest of silks, it also has several "smart matter" layers, providing tremendous computing power, plus interwoven threads of another form of diamondoid which will flex under most conditions, but goes rigid under sharp impact forces so as to distribute the impact. This material is also highly cut- and shear-resistant, acting as a ballistic and blade barrier, and has interwoven into it material that has fractal coils going down to the atomic level. These shorter, interwoven fractal fibers, while fashionably lending the outfit an otherworldly shimmer, act as defense against such high-tech armament as monomolecular-edged and fractal-edged weapons. Below this layer lies yet another layer, this one designed to dissipate and bleed heat from energy weapon hits, a feature which also can be used to break up or even completely alter her infrared and thermal signature. While not perfect, this makes Ami's clothes some of the most effective armor around, able to handle ballistic, hand-to-hand, and energy weapons of almost all natures. Like her mask, there are active nano-defenses in the smart-cloth, preventing damage from hostile nanotechnology. Edged in to the fabric along the seams are strips of fully-morphable Smartex, a latex-like, flexible, shapeable material under smart-matter control. This layer provides the outfit with the ability to change itself, on a moment's notice, to become a sealed spacesuit or divesuit. It will even form a tailbag for Ami's huge brush of tails.

Secreted around different locations, in hidden and scan-dampened pockets under her outfit, Ami carries such advanced accouterments as codepickers (automated anti-security "lockpicks") which can double as conventional lockpicks, a few vials of highly-concentrated acid, and a medical kit of astonishing complexity and thoroughness.

Ami carries with her and frequently smokes a long, thin pipe with a metal end. Of note is that she does not smoke tobacco, instead smoking a fragrant, good-smelling herbal mix that leaves an incense-like scent behind. The substance is relatively non-toxic, her nanoimmune system helping keep her lungs in perfect condition.

WeaponryAmi carries with herself at all times an ornate-hilted pair of advanced beam sabers. These weapons, whose hilts are sleek and ultratech, form the basis of any and all of her melee-weapon fighting. Thanks to her ability to use short-term precognition into the nearby, highest-probable future (affecting only herself), she can do the seemingly-impossible act of deflecting projectile and even energy weapon hits with these blades. The "blades" themselves are contained, near-fusion-temperature plasma, held in place by a shaped gravitic and magnetic field. Each weapon has enough power to operate for five minutes' time, thus Ami uses them in an iai-jutsu style, drawing them with blinding swiftness, striking, and then snapping off the blade and humbly returning it to her side, usually smiling in her strikes.

For ranged combat, Ami relies upon two sets of weapons, both detailed below:

Energy Daikyu: A Clarketech weapon in its' entirety, and like all such gifted to her directly by her Empress upon her Ascendancy (when she became a Kitsune of rank), Ami carries a collapsible, metallic bow-like weapon. When the "string", in reality a hologram and force field construct, is drawn, the bow manifests an "arrow", a bolt of what appears to be blue-glowing, smoking semi-solid material. When fired, this "arrow" flies to a target at speeds rivaling that of a bullet, on the order of 5,750 feet per second, and hits with enough delivered energy to bowl over even medium-sized power armors or light mecha, usually blowing a hole clean through them in the process. Due to the sheer destructive energy of this bow, it's uncertain to just HOW much energy really is transferred, as to date all test stands have been destroyed before meaningful data has been recorded.

Throwlancers: Essentially three-inch-long throwable versions of her beam sabers, these disposable, small, and highly-concealable weapons provide close-in support. While still having the star-hot blades the larger sabers have, their small size and low mass guarantees that unless the throwlancer impacts a vital location (head, major internal organ, etc), the damage, while painful and possibly detrimental or even crippling, will not be deadly.

Special AbilitiesPsionic capacity including but is not limited to telekinesis, telepathic attacks, and the psionic ability to manipulate energy fields, changing potentials (think Star Wars "Force Lightning" without the evil associated with it). Like many Nogitsune, Ami has a broad variety of psychic abilities open to her.

Ami, like all Kitsune, possesses a neural net (nnet), an electronic copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down through her spine. Through this and diffuse cybernetics laid down in diamondoid and silicon, this allows her communication with most machines.

On this advanced neural net Ami runs a Muse, a low-end learning-capable artificial intelligence that acts like her secretary, electronic-world security guard, administering the multi-level-deep firewall and antiviral system common to all neural nets), and personal assistant, screening all emails, handling looking things up for her online through the various data networks, and essentially being a helpful background persona. In places which have cellphone access, Ami's Muse will handle assigning her a phone number and seeing to it that all calls route through her virtual self.

There is speedheal in her bloodstream, a mix of biotechnological regenerative factors and limited nanotechnological assistance, common to many sentient animal types, and even many of the now-rare humans where she comes from. A mix of specially tailored mix of nanotechnology and biotechnology meant to find injuries and assist in healing by secreting assistive chemicals, this system can drastically increase Ami's healing rate to something almost akin to rapid regeneration, but it draws heavily upon her own body resources. Thus, it makes her fatigued and massively hungry when in use. With these drugs in her system, though, she can even slowly re-grow lost limbs or quickly re-attach severed ones and have them fused in and functional in minutes.

An adjunct to the speedheal system is Ami's nanoimmune system, a series of multiple types of nanomedical and biotechnical machines meant to both protect her against hostile invasive foreign nanotech as well as bolster and enhance her immune system to fight off bacteria and viral effects.

As is true for all Kitsune, alongside her upper spine are a series of ultra-highly-redundant deeply-encrypted storage crystals linked to a set of quantum entanglement transmitters. This system records, on a moment by moment basis, all of the state changes being made to Ami's neural net, in effect copying her mind in its' moment by moment changes and thoughts, and storing this as a backup. Should something physically kill Ami but not destroy this system in its' entirety, a recording of her personality will be sent back to the starship Last Emperor, where, down in the deep-birthing bay, a clone made of her will have the information dumped into its' brain, essentially waking up as her, a form of digital immortality. Twice a day, this system updates a similar backup kept in the Birthing Bay, giving yet another layer of redundancy. If there is no signal received after nine months' time, it will awaken a clone and use the most recent copy as the data template. No Kitsune likes this, and most are usually very angry upon such a reawakening, intending to do uncounted harm to the perpetrator of their demise.

Ami is almost five times as strong as a 1.8m (6 foot) tall adult human male in peak physical condition (despite her prodigious chest size.)

Outstanding FeaturesHer curves, multiple fully-prehensile tails, and high-tech gear mark her as something different from the normal Kitsune

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet, but willing to converse. Ami is remarkably familiar with an incredibly broad variety of fields, from cybernetics, ultratech, biology and bioethics as they apply to such, to aerospace, piloting, astronavigation, mecha piloting, and the normal domestic life. Open to discussion, she likes conversations of most sorts.
LikesGood discussions, flying, exploration, meeting new people, reading books.
DislikesLoud, boisterous, boorish folk, those with ill manners and an unwillingness to accept the different and new. Ami especially hates prejudice in all forms, and will either ignore a visibly-prejudiced person or verbally attack them. Ami also harbors an unrelenting, abiding, grudging and vicious hatred of any who would take the life of another intelligent being for naught but pleasure. For these people, Ami reserves an especially vicious tirade. Usually, she does NOT give second chances to those who profess to be wanton murderers.
LocationWherever her Empress sends her
OccupationNogitsune scout and general Jill-of-All-Trades.
Additional InfoThe Kitsune began as a group of disenfranchised and highly disgruntled space-bound immigrants from Japan. Intent to settle a world where they could "restore the Japanese spirit to its' purity", they set out amongst the stars in first-generation FTL vessels. After finding their ships outraced and many acceptable worlds colonized before they could get there, the twelve ships split, nine following a spiritual leader, the Lady Reiko, and the remaining three following the Admiral of the fleet, Jiro Tanaka (later Emperor). The nine-ship flotilla, after being turned aside several more times and being refused even humanitarian aid by the corporate-controlled colonies they ran across, turned to piracy, eventually becoming a great threat. Eventually, they so angered the later Empires that succeeded the corporations' fall, that they were put under "Exile", literally forced into a closed micro-universe. There, eventually, they repented and when they finally broke out became the modern, far more reasonable Kitsune.