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My fursona (Semi close to the actual thing)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSiaras Sedona Sky
SpeciesWolf Hybrid (Arctic Wolf, Tundra Wolf, British Columbia Wolf, Alaskan wolf)
Age16 (Human Years)
Weight190 pounds
SummaryCurrently alone and regreting that she left her mate.

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourBlue
Clothing-Cropped skinny black tank top, with a Wolf paw print in light blue
-Short plaid skirt (Color: Blue & Black)
AccessoriesTwo silver studs in right ear
One silver ring piercing in the top part of left ear
One silver lip ring on the right side of the lip
Black tight spiked collar
WeaponryA wolf dagger that is strapped to her upper thigh tightly
Image (The one on the right): http://familypride.biz.istemp.com/Wolf_EagleDaggers.jpg

Personality & Background

PersonalitySiaras is a very shy and non-judgemental wolf. She is protective of friends and loved ones, and she will do anything to help them when they need her. She prefers night over day or dark places where she can relax and think. Her favorite colors are blue, black, and purple. She doesn't care about what species her friends are as long as their kind hearted, and she keeps quiet among strangers unless spoken to by them.
BackgroundShe grew up with a small family that she left soon after to be alone, still alone to this day but searching for a place to call her true home.
LikesFriends, Family, Music, Reading, And dark places
DislikesPosers, Bullies, Spiders, Copycats
LocationWashington State
OccupationNone so far

Just for Fun

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