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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaythus Athulus
SpeciesOtter (Anthro)
SummaryEver to wander the forests, cities,and continents. Fighting demons from the past and within reality its-self. Along side his comapanions.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort-long, Tan, Brown with a mix of a light cream brown.
Hair ColourDark brown.
Eye ColourBlue with tad of brown near the pupils.
ClothingBattle-skirt (Forest green), Sash (Dark green).
AccessoriesBelt (Black), Scabbard (Red and orange), Silver ear studs shaped bells in both ears, And a brown leather back-pack.
WeaponryWooden staff, Otter blade (sword).
Special AbilitiesCan move at extreme speeds while on all fours or just two legs. Can blend into forest (When there is one near). Can heal him-self or others using his paws.
Outstanding FeaturesHis tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGood natured, Loyal to his Friends, Loving, Friendly, and curious. One with a serving attitude.
BackgroundVictorious in the battle of Sunrise Hill.
LikesMusic, Fighting (sparring or actual fighting), Games, Talking to others, Sleeping, Eating, Going to new places.
DislikesEvil, Burnt food (Sometimes), The cold (Sometimes), Snow (Off and on), Summer, Humidity (Stinks up the pits and makes the nather regions uncomfodtable).
LocationThe Village of Autumn.
OccupationWarrior, Guardian, Stable-paw, Volunteer for all sorts of work.
Additional Infonone.

Just for Fun

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