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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFlower
SummaryFour feet six inches tall, modestly featured, and insufferably cute, Flower is petite little cat, though she certainly doesn't mind that. She's nothing to marvel at, however. In actuality, her size is rather commonplace for her species of feline: the oncilla. Essentially a miniature version of a an already small species, the ocelot, it would be truly be odd to find an oncilla much bigger! She may be pretty but, aside from her small frame, she isn't incredibly remarkable, more of an average girl. Her ears seem a tiny bit oversized for her head, fairly rounded at the tips, common for oncillas. Her hair, a dirtied blonde in color, falls down around and past these ears, her parted bangs at front covering a small bit of her forehead and the hair in back reaching down to go just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a green-tinted hazel color, sparkling with mirth and friendliness, no doubt aided in this by her ever-present smile and her pink-tipped nose. Her chest is only slightly busty, a B-cup, her midsection and arms are both lightly toned, kept fit but cute, and her hips are similar, having a somewhat subtle curve to them but little more. Her rear is comparable to her chest, rounded and cute and perky, but not particularly special. Her legs are comparable to her arms in tonedness and such, ending finally in paws for feet. In general, her fur is a tan coat with brown and black spots and stripes, as is standard for her species.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard oncilla colors: a tan undercoat, lighter along her chest, tummy, and inner thighs, topped by darker brown and black spots (both open and closed) and stripes. Additionally there is a white spot on the back of each ear.
Hair ColourA dirtied blond color.
Eye ColourA greenish hazel.
ClothingFrom top to bottom, in a sortof rigid description: Flower wears a bright pink bow in her hair, placed just in front of her left ear. Lower down is her soft black shirt that is designed largely to expose her tummy, of her torso only covering her upper back and her chest, though also having long sleeves down just past her wrists, horizontally striped with pink and black. Her skirt is a similar material, all black, quite soft, and open at either hip to allow plenty of movement. It goes down to about the middle of her thighs, and rests over pink panties. Lastly, she wears long socks that start a little after her skirt ends with a black stripe, followed by pink and then black and then pink again, all the way down in that pattern to her paws which are each covered entirely in black.
AccessoriesFlower wears two accessories that are important to her, though occasionally other things as well. The important ones are her collar and her bracelet, and they are always with her. The collar is a grayed leather with a silver plate on the front and a D-ring at the back. The silver plate has a thin red mark slashed diagonally across it, and the collar rests rather snuggly on her neck. Her bracelet is a simple black silk band that is attached to a light silver structure, with a dime-sized low-quality diamond set into it.