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I was once asked. Why do you love me To which I responded. I love you because of who you are. Your mind body and soul To which she broke up with me. Woman are strange like that

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEclipse Lunar
HeightVaries with Time Era
SummaryThe oddly-colored canine of blue and silver appears quite healthy at 6'3", his slender frame being 160 pounds or so. Eyes, snout, neck, and forearms are well-kept with their silver fur, as are the bottoms of his six tails and strong feet. The blue of his back and the eclipsed pattern of his chest are kept mostly covered by a sun-yellow sleeveless vest, the color matching his eyes, and either shoulder reads, "I Trust" and "In Nothing.." Tan wool pants cover strong legs, rolling at the ankles above bare feet. Beneath a yellow eye is a moon-like fur pattern, and hanging from his neck are a cross, a Star of David, a shark's tooth, and an alchemy circle.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue and silver
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingMedical coat, boxers and blue jeans
AccessoriesNeedle and Thread
WeaponryThe sound of music
Special AbilitiesAll those of a Sune Information varries from sune to sune
Outstanding FeaturesClips is unhinged. Emotions they hurt Kitsunes the Feeling Of Regret can kill them. His body is littered with Scars hidden under fur. While the poor beasts hides behind insanity, inside he is acually very much normal

Personality & Background

PersonalityA veil of Lies covers this trait, dare you break through it to see the truth within?
BackgroundFrom a far off realm, in a faraway country, in a rural land mimicking an advanced feudal Japan is the land that Eclipse was born and raised. Both his parents, though not ‘rich’ lived a cozy life together. The young couple soon would have this first and only child on the brightest night of a crescent moon. His father a blacksmith and his mother ran their shop, and it was clear that their young son was given a talent for machines and tinkering as well as the art of trade. As a child, Eclipse’s friends came and went, always meeting new people due to his parent’s dual business. However, it was also early on that they realized their son had a knack of manipulating his peers even those much older than him. This however didn’t stop him from keeping a large friend circle, but, he always distanced himself from getting too close, afraid they would be mad once they learned that were just ‘toys’ to him. He wasn’t a heartless child and teenager; he just knew what he wanted, always wearing the friendliest mask in town. War was always present in the land “tsukiakari”, the country he lived in was rich in natural resources from the lush forest, to the large supply of minerals and even a large food supply. These reasons all lead to be the envy of greed from other nations, a gem or a prize in their eyes, so, ever present war kept everyone on their toes, and everyone understood what it meant to protect their homeland. Everyone understood the honor to fight to keep it. A larger war began to break out as his father was asked to assist in weapon and armor craft. Of course he accepted but, only if his son and wife could stay with him at all times as he worked in the capitol. The request was pondered over for a bit, but, they agreed, as his father’s prowess at weapon craft was superb, and Eclipse was quickly picking up on his father’s talents. The capitol brought many thrills to the young man that was that Eclipse was becoming, often, getting into minor offences, and pranks with a new groups of brilliant, but rowdy teens, forming something like a gang. They often snuck into the discussion hall where the generals and the emperor discuss battle plans and tactics. They often would redraw what they saw in sand, and simply talked for hours of how they believe they could predict and prevent events would unfold, even making a game out of it. One day, they caught they teens eavesdropping on them, needless to say they were not pleased; it was a security breach after all, from just teens no less. However after hearing them all out, Eclipse acting as the leader spoke out what they were concerned about, and warned them of a possible ambush by the eastern sea. He urged them to prepare, and 3 days later, he was right….what would have been a blood bath of innocent lives because a “who can sink the most ships” game for the land of tsukiakari. The enemy boats were stealth assault, and had little to no armor. Stunned, the empire quickly took him under his wing, letting him have full permission to roam the generals discussion rooms, his own privet quarters, and treated him with all the same luxuries as royalty. The young emperor’s son was not pleased, feeling shunned and jealous of this new child in his domain. It was there, Eclipse shared advice with his new ‘friends’, leaving the old ones behind to watch in the distance much to his father’s praise. As eclipse saw more and more opportunity in staying near the Emperor and he continued to slowly step up to the top of the ranks, out witting in body and mind even the Emperors most advanced generals without breaking a sweat. Rumors quickly spread among the ranks and the people there, as many became jealous and envious of the young kitsune. The first assassination attempt flopped as he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The would-be assassin overshot his dagger toss as Eclipse ducked down to pick up a bit of loose change. The assassin panicked as the guards quickly surrounded the walls, and attempted to kill himself by jumping off the tall castle walls. He instead fell off his perch onto a table in front of the gate, breaking his leg in the process. Attempt after attempt failed in similar ways as it seems luck was just also on his side and the cheap assassins slowly stopped, a bit of peace for him. As the years passed, he picked up on more and more knowledge, tricks, and combat styles as he grinned the entire time. However, in distant lands, the lords and kings feared this seemingly invincible luck by this Ledged of a young man. They wanted tsukiakari , so they wanted to end all their hope. A dark order was sent out on Eclipses and his family, in an attempt to dishearten tsukiakari and their people. T'was on the night of the coldest winter, on the night of no moon they struck. His mother and father visiting with him in the palace when they plot commenced. Both his parents asleep in their rooms were killed, and by fates kind hands it just so happened eclipse wasn’t sleeping well so he was staying in the maiden’s champers. As he returned with a grin and a bounce in his step, he finds the blood pooling at his parents door. The first time his smile has ever been forced away. With a sorrowful screamed and painful echo into the night, the guards quickly jump, startled. The assassins were cut off between a line of scouting guards and Eclipse, the young kitsune holding the very blood soaked dagger they used and left in his father’s back. Wanting to complete their mission, they turned at attack him. With a slash of blood and tears, a flash of dark movement, both the assassins dropped. Eclipse still weeping as he dropped the blood covered blade as tears ran down his face, his parent’s killer’s blood pooled at his feet. After a short investigation, it was quickly discovered this was a message inside the dagger hilt, though a failed one by one of their nation’s biggest threats, a nations nicknamed ‘black rose’. His parents last respect service was as much a funereal as his official recruitment. On that day, he vowed revenge at all cost, and his small nation would crush this rising threat once and for all. He was assigned the general of the 7th legion of their army where he was looked up to and admired for his mind and manipulation of the battlefield. A tactical strike team was the bulk of the 7th legion, as his cunning and decisive actions won battles before they had even begun. Still, out of battle, he was a flirt, a gambler, and known to drink and party for days on end. Although he flirted with men or women of his lust, this was also his flaw of loyalty. A young maiden of the soon to be defeated black rose joined in the parties one fateful night. However, unknown to tsukiakari, the black rose had all but abandoned their people and had worked their claws into their neighboring lands leading ranks, taken over from the inside without much bloodshed. This girl was the daughter of the ‘queen’ of the neighboring lands, and the leader of the black rose, and was given a mission. Not to kill him, but, to convince him to join them by any means. She certainly had the tools for the job, a fair face, smooth long hair, and enough ‘endowments’ to make a man’s jaw drop from miles away. She confronted him at the party, quickly pulling him to the back room as things certainly got steamy. She couldn’t complain, he was attractive as well, as from his reputation from war and with the lady’s, she grinned at the thought of taking him as her own. She knew though she had to be hard to get, else he would have no challenge and no fun, and she has to bait him juuust right to keep him. Sure enough, hours of talking turned to days, turned to months as he finished off what he thought to be the black rose, thought he had just moved to another nation. They finally explained a both of each other’s past, Eclipse first, then her. He was stunned; he had feelings for someone of the enemy nation? And what’s worse, they had just moved!? She gave the distraught eclipse an offer he couldn’t refuse. Join her, and they will have a coup and overthrow her father, thus, getting revenge, and then going back to conquer tsukiakari. After a lot of thought, he accepted her offer. The land of tsukiakari and their people, their army, and most of all their leader were hurt, infuriated from this. However, they knew his moved, and he underestimated their power of the other leaders. He wasn’t the only talented youth there. With the passing of the elder emperor, his son took the new stand. His friends spoke to the new leader and soon were promoted. Soon, after adorning the crest of the black rose, he tried to obey his ‘love’ as he charged into battle, but, it was clear, he was outmatched. As the years pass, and more and more of their forces were lost, the leaders of the black rose surrendered by taking their own, leaving Eclipse and the young girl for all the blame. He had to once again face the Emperor but this time, not from eavesdropping, for betrayal. Not taken under his wing, but a cold, fierce glare. He had to soon face him alone, as the love of his life vanished, fled to avoid seeing her own capture or his punishment. He was brilliant, yet he couldn’t have predicted this. He was manipulative, yet he was out foxed. This is where he betrayed his country; however, he himself was betrayed in more ways than one. The tables turned by his own old peers and nation, he was captured and detained for months as they pondered the punishment. The couldn’t have killed him, as he has brought to them the keys to victory’s and helped so much, yet, he was too dangerous to be kept ‘alive’. His punishment was decided. He was to be locked within a Chrono Force magic barrier, beyond death or life in that realm, yet, his essence was banished to another realm, lost in time and space, finding he still very much mortal in this matrix-like reality. Very potent arcane magic launched him into what he thought was oblivion. Tsukiakari was done with him, in their eyes the fairest judgment possible…. Lost in what felt like eternity, he couldn’t age, but, was stranded in a sea of nothingness. Struggled as he might, he felt powerless. Yet, as what feels like eons pass, he soon discovered he could simply step between realities (of time), just by a few seconds at first, then he helped it grow more and more, testing by the falling of fur strands. This power grew in mere years to nearly jump to other world. With a final leap of faith, he ‘jumped’ nothing to lose at this point. Success! Though the first world he jumped too seemed baron, so, after a few days of rest, he jumped again. He now searches of other worlds, trying to find his freedom, and escape himself from his chrono-prision with these powers (forgetting about the time flux paradox). He vows a bittersweet revenge of the woman who sent him to his fate, and to be truly free. After some time though, he begins to fall into old habits again, finding guys and girls to flirt and play his game of love with. He remains hoping for the best as he enjoys himself wherever he goes. Whenever he makes it to a new realm, he makes his living selling goods and trinkets from other worlds to barter. He now lives a very whimsical and carefree life. Food, sleep, cash, play, gambling, and sex are never far from his agenda as he takes his sweet time, enjoying each realm he sees, slowly seeping closer and closer to his own realm. Determined to make things right in his own world, he continues to flash, yet time isn’t on his side. With each passing moment, the arcane runes decay little by little, and when completely he will be trapped in a statue state, no longer living in any realm, additionally, any injury he takes reduces the runes (amount depends on severity). As the years pass too though in tsukiakari , his powers and teleportation increases, along with his natural magic, knowledge, and talents. His twisted grin, he intends to attempt to live life to the fullest, avoiding his own fate each jump the most he can as he tries to save himself.
LikesBooks, and music
DislikesLife, and Liars
LocationAscendia Rem
OccupationDoctor, and Killer
Additional InfoClips Is borderline ASD {Anti-social disorder} Because of this it is rare for anyone to see who he truly is because he hides it so well under all the lies and hate

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote Im the shadow that haunted you Campfires when you huddled around them as Cavemen