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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheia MIT
SpeciesRed Musclevixen
Height5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight617 pounds (280 kg)
SummaryTheia's delicate-looking, pretty face has the wide-eyed look of a young vixen, while her ears are rather oversize, massive and fennec-like, with fluffs of white fur puffing out of them. Big, wide emerald-green eyes peer out, winking with intelligence, mischief and humor. Her face is framed by a mass of cream-colored hair worn shaggy in front, sometimes flopping over her eyes, and running down her back in a massive, thick braid that falls to her butt, where it is doubled over around a gold ring and held in place by a green and silver clasp.
Lower, Theia is a study in muscle gone completely wild yet still very clearly female.
Her neck is thick, and perhaps the only part of her where the definition is blunted by her fur, while massive, heavy and defined muscles ripple and flex across her back, making it a broad, thick V of muscle. Wide, heavy and huge trapezius taper into round, thickly corded shoulders. These in turn lead into thick, perfectly defined arms with round, peaked biceps which bulge up even when her arm is relaxed and fully extended. When flexed even slightly they peak as high as her head, backed by immense, thickly scalloped, perfectly defined and gigantic triceps. Lower, massive forearms with cables of muscle ripple and flex with the slightest move of her small, delicate-looking hands. While Theia would like to claim she has definition in the chest, the truth of the matter there is that there's no way to tell, as like many vixens, Theia sports a pair of massive, gravity-defying, some would say reality-defying orbs. Immense, round breasts sit there, proudly jutting out. From the back, even her immense size cannot hide the round curves. Lower, Theia sports a tummy with massive amounts of muscle, the abs an incredibly thick, shredded heavy six-pack defines her elsewise-narrow waist. Even when relaxed completely in sleep, her abs are rock hard and bulge, shifting with her every breath. To the sides, her upper body widens, her intercostals' definition barely blunted by her fur, and further out the lats form a very thick, meaty wedge. Her hips flare wide, with an immense round, rock-hard butt lead behind, making her short frame appear almost stocky. Those incredibly wide hips lead into legs so thick they almost can't come together. Insanely huge, shifting and rippling quads make her immense thighs heavily-muscled enough to force her legs slightly outwards to accommodate their sheer bulk. Calves that look like someone shoved a pair of overinflated footballs in them they're so big bulge out to taper down to small feet. Despite this, she's almost impossibly flexible, able to do standing splits and other acts of agility common to smaller, more lithely-built foxes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTheia's fur is the color of most normal foxes, a russet red with a creamy white underbelly slightly longer and shaggier than the rest of her fur. From mid-forearm to fingertips and from mid-shin to her toes her fur is a dark brown-black.
Hair ColourCream-colored hair worn shaggy in front, sometimes flopping over her eyes, and running down her back in a massive, thick braid that falls to her butt, where it is doubled over around a gold ring and held in place by a green and silver clasp.
Eye ColourEmerald green, slit-pupil, wide and innocent-looking.
ClothingTheia, due to her sheer bulk, tends to wear what she can: usually a bright blue spandex-like half-T which barely covers over her rather huge breasts and clings to her like a second skin. Lower, a set of dark blue mid-thigh-length spandex-like jogging shorts. Like the top, these too cling to her like a second skin, highlighting her immense thighs and huge butt. The pants have been redesigned to accommodate her huge, bushy tail. A set of boots in dark brown laced up the front come up to just under her massive calves, their height perfectly highlighting her immensely bulging calves.
AccessoriesFour bright silver earings with green emerald dangles, two in each ear.
A belly-button barbell piercing with a small emerald dangle.
Her smartphone/PDA, a top-of-the-line model, verging on tablet computer.
To her embarassment, a small ear tag at the base of her right ear identifying her as a product of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Genetic Engineering Department.
WeaponryNone. As well, she is not legally entitled to carry any form of weaponry.
Special AbilitiesCan directly link with a computer network, though this requires a suitable cable and socket (though Theia also carries a small distributed-link module converting the proprietary MIT Ultra-High Bandwidth Fiber-Optic Data Interface to one that takes up six USB 3.0 sockets).
Outstanding FeaturesHer sheer bulk?
Permanent fur "tattoo" on the inside of her right thigh in the letters "MIT"

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, outgoing, and sweet, with an interest in all things technical. Theia is also looking for a place that doesn't respond with disgust to the fact of her immense musculature.
BackgroundTheia is the graduate thesis product of a small team of genetic engineers working at M.I.T. The team that made Theia made her to be a proof-of-concept for a genetic chimera, and a second proof-of-concept for the design of a functioning yet hypertrophied musculature. Also in the mix was proof of controlled rapid aging and the ability to shut such off, as well as direct-to-brain information download.
After being rapidly aged over the course of two years to the age of 18, Theia was presented to the scientific community, the majority of which openly applauded the application of the technologies while simultaneously deeply condemning the severe breach of bioethics Theia's creation represented. The public response was likewise mixed, with many disgusted by Theia's existence and almost as many deeply disturbed, while a small minority found her to be both interesting and charming.
Within one year of her "display", the human woman who carried Theia to term had died in an intensively-investigated car accident (the results of the investigation were inconclusive, and all investigations dropped after a period of one month due to unspecified "pressure" being exerted upon the Boston and Cambridge Police Departments).
Theia is currently engaged in a legal rights battle to determine if she is entitled to the legal rights of a human being, or whether she is technically property and considered an animal in the eyes of the law. This same case is also to determine whether she is entitled indeed to any human rights whatsoever. Despite being in a legal limbo, Theia is usually treated as a very strange looking person by the general public.
LikesPleasant discussion and good company.
LocationWherever her feet, public transportation, hitchhiking, or the occasional bike can take her.
OccupationTheia is capable of acting as a research assistant in both physics and biology. Currently, she is aiding as a transfer to Stamford Research Institute's high-energy physics lab in Connecticut, USA.
Additional InfoTheia is NOT her player, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of her player.