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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMuzi
Weight73,171 lbs ( ~37 tons Short ) Muscular build
SummaryMuzi is a very playful dragon who takes an interest in learning about the ones around him. This muscular Dragon also loves to play with curious micros or the others known as paw lovers or eve paw sluts. He also gets involved in other rp styles as well, not just paw play. He is also into story based and casual play rps as well.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBase Scale Color: Black Torso Color: Gold Hand Palm color: Gold lower abs/inner leg color: Gold Foot Sole color: Gold
Hair ColourBlack and long, just above shoulder length
Eye ColourPurple
ClothingAt his current size, he is unable to find any clothing so he normally doesnt wear anything
WeaponryHe is rather built so he generally uses his body and size as a weapon.
Special AbilitiesThe ability to grant invincibility to others around him from his actions towards them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA nice, caring, friendly macro who loves to see others happy. He'll also become increasingly twitchy if aroused. twitchy as in fidgity, cant sit still much. If needed, he can be serious however, he generally loves to be playful and silly with others.
BackgroundMuzi was born knowing nothing of 'how ot be good' and grew up being evil and selfish unill he saw himself in the mirror of a building and decided that he didnt wanna be the dragon he was turing out to be. After several years of in deep thought and meditation, he developed a better understanding of the world around him.
LikesThings to do: Talking, chatting, running, working out, dancing, joking around, playing games, rping, competitions. Other things: paw play, tickling, micro/macro interactions, Horses, Foxes, Otters, Dragons Please ask me if you'd like to know more ^^;
DislikesKilling, being told what to do or where he fits in. being told he's worthless, seeing people upset and not knowing how to help.

Stay in Contact

MSNPlease ask me