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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAria
SpeciesStormwitch Harpy
Height5' 7" -> unknown
Weight40 Kilogram -> unknown
SummaryAria is a Stormwhitch Harpy and one of the last of her kind. Stormwitches are feared on all seas for their aggressiveness as well as their ability to absorb almost any kind of energy to turn into size of their bodies. Aria usually doesn't attack on her own, but it requires only very little to get her doing so. And a warning to all wandering warriors, all insurance companies don't pay for damage caused by provoking a Stormwitch

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright orange coloured feathers | lightish skinned
Hair ColourOrange
Eye ColourDark brown
ClothingBrown leather vest | Short brown leather skirt ( Styled like native American cloths )
AccessoriesRed braid in a strand at the right side of her head
WeaponrySharp claws on her feet as well as on her hands | Sharp teeth
Special AbilitiesVery strong lightning magic and electricity control | Mediocre Storm magic skills | Can create a magnetic spherical barrier around her to change the trajectory of incoming projectiles | Can use her extended arms as a kind of linear accelerator to fire accelerated electrons for massive damage => Needs some set up time
Outstanding FeaturesCan absorb most kinds of energy and magic and store it temporary within her body. The stored magic causes her body to grow equally to the amount she stores. The size change lasts until she releases the energy again with devastating magical attacks.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually very aggressive and often ressorts to violence to solve her problems. But she can also be very lovely and playful, but she is a tough nut to crack, if someone wants to see that side of her.
BackgroundAria was born as the first and only daughter of Catori, the chieftain of the Stormwhich tribe. For most of her life, she lived at the island 'Witchs Caldron' of the 'New Hawk Archipelago', where her tribe was living. The island was pretty much uninhabitable, because of the Harpies, since they doomed every try of colonize that island to fail. But after Aria turned 16 and at the third day of the Festival of the windchange, the stormwitch tribe became victim of a large scale offensive of the organisation 'Spellbreaker'. At that day almost all Stormwitches died in the heavy casualty heavy fights and Aria just survived, because her mother sacrificed herself in order to protect her. After that she traveled a lot alone through the lands with just one major goal in her mind: Revenge on 'Spellbreakers'
LikesHunting | Whalegirls ( with some lemon on top ) | peaches ( the only fruit she actually eats ) | dancing ( If you watch her doing it... she kills you ) | Weird little mages named 'Technic' which stalk her ( Yes! She is refering to you )
DislikesSpellbreaker, Spellbreaker, genocide mages, did I mention Spellbreaker? | losing | Ice magic user | People using Mechanic suits to fight her
LocationWitchs Caldron till 16 | 16+ traveling around the world
OccupationTraining her abilties

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWeird little guy!