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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSaphinara
SpeciesWestern Dragon
AgeUnknown she has mentioned events 100s years past.
WeightAverage for her size

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack Scales all over with a Silver underside and silver arcane like symbols all over her scales which move about at random and depending on her emotions.
Hair ColourNone She's a feral Dragon.
Eye ColourHer left eye is emerald green and her right eye is blood red with a massive scar running down through it although the eye seems undamaged the scales above and below it do not. Both eyes have slit like pupils and her eyes don't have whites to them, their pure black apart from the irises.
ClothingNone she's feral.
AccessoriesA pendant with a small crystal gem that hangs round her neck. She has 2 rings on her tail towards the tip and a golden ring round one horn.
WeaponryHer claws and fangs. She also uses her tail since it has a hooked tail tip in it.
Special Abilities Her shadow fire, looking like a black flame or ball of fire which literally sounds like it's screaming at something when it's hurtled from her maw flying at around 80 mph. She also has powers through shadow, being able to form her body and heal her wounds with the stuff and also create clones of herself. She's also rumored to have ice breath as well and be able to invade your mind and show you your worst nightmares.
Outstanding FeaturesHer eyes more than anything symbolizing she may not have had a choice of her appearance and her actions. She also has a blue tongue and her claws, horns and wingtips are silver. She also has an additional 2 wings on her tail near the base, which are allot smaller than the first 2.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery subby rarely ever dominant. Likes to tease sometimes and play with people. Loves playing the Psychotic character in non-sexual related RP's.
BackgroundA Dragon tormented by flashes of her past not knowing who she really is or why she's stuck with a nightmare like creature in her head chained up.
LikesBondage,NC,Eggs,Being heavily pregnant,tentacles, transformations.
DislikesToo much pain in sex, I.e anything more extreme than a lovebite or some gentle clawing from the pleasure would have to be cleared with her. Scat and watersports.
LocationWanders around in the shadows.
OccupationUnemployed, unfortunately.
Additional InfoSaphinara is loving and gentle most times but often dark and uncaring in other instances and very cruel to her enemies.