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Don't pick a fight with someone that can crush a house with his toe.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAbsol
Age20 going on 21
HeightVaries; default is 3 foot 11 inches

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly white with black on the face and some on the forehead.
Eye ColourRed
WeaponryClaws, horn, teeth and size if necessary.
Special AbilitiesPokémon attacks, size shifting

Personality & Background

PersonalityOddly enough, though he does like to be large enough to crush a city under paw, Absol is usually a very kind and easy going fur. Doesn't like to fight but does stand up for his beliefs and ideals; he is open minded though and doesn't really mind what you think/believe.
BackgroundAbsol was just that, an Absol that just randomly discovered he could alter his size to whatever he liked. He doesn't knowthe reason behind it and, quite frankly, he doesn't care; it's just something he does to scare away trainers and win a LOT of Pokémon battles.
LikesStomp, Footplay, Mawplay, Soft Vore, AV, CV, Licking, Sitting, Smothering, Growth, Shrinking, etc.
DislikesHard Vore, Toilet stuff, Killing.
LocationWherever he wants to be.
OccupationNone; looking to fix that.